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ABB Champions Digitalisation in Manufacturing and Process Industries
April 20, 2022 News


Harnessing the engine that digitalisation has brought about, ABB, one of global leaders in providing digital solutions for manufacturing and process industries, helps businesses reach their full potential by delivering complete automation and digital solutions, industry-specific products and lifecycle services to its customers.

With the emergence of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), ABB’s services and solutions optimise production, reduce cost and provide a safer environment as factories become fully automated, better connected and more digitally optimised than ever before. Software-defined solutions also enable fast changeovers to keep up with consumer demand as well as workforce and supply chain dynamics.

IoT in Manufacturing

ABB’s focus on new digital solutions is applicable for enterprises at all scales. It enables enterprise-level collaboration from which best practices that create company-wide alignment emerge. AI-driven analytics with real-time visibility also allow companies to quickly spot and predict trends, which maximises energy efficiency and prevents losses.

“All these also contribute to lesser cost of operations, with the ability to do data-driven predictive maintenance allowing for prevention of system-wide breakdowns, something that was nearly impossible and unheard of in the manufacturing sector before the advent of IoT and advanced technologies,” said Ganesh Kamath, Local Division Manager at ABB Process Industries.

Using software-driven robots, machines, cameras and other shop floor equipment allows manufacturing companies to produce output as soon as their designers can produce ideas. With seamless integration between engineering, operations and business systems, manufacturers can meet production targets and react to market demands more easily.

Groundbreaking Technology to Drive Operational Excellence

ABB’s customised digital solutions address these focus points for its clients in various industries. For example, its pulp and paper Manufacturing Execution System (MES) streamlines multiple supply-chain processes. From order handling to rough planning, production tracking, warehouse management, shipping and invoicing as well as customer service management, MES hassle-free automation throughout the system, allowing for efficient and error-free automated operation.

In the F&B industry, ABB’s Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) provides business owners or managers the visibility and insights to take the right actions for productivity, quality and compliance. It provides the backbone for an optimised operation that is important for end-to-end visibility, orchestration and control of one’s entire manufacturing operations. From control to monitoring and optimisation among other capabilities, ABB’s Data Centre Automation provides this and more in a single, industrial solution.

Connected Workforce with Integrating Augmented Reality

ABB has also started implementing augmented reality (AR), which improves knowledge retention, better decision making and enhanced safety. It has recently deployed its AR solution in Spain, consisting of audio, video, document sharing with live annotations for remote factory acceptance testing (FAT) during the pandemic. This resulted in successfully upgrading a cycloconverter in a steel mill without ABB personnel being physically present.

AR solutions can reduce or even eliminate time-intensive efforts that involve running through, sorting and categorising data in various formats, jumping in and out of various systems and coordinating with others when performing tasks in the control room, integrated operations centres or in the field. This further optimizes processes and systems for companies looking to maximise production and output while lessening cost and environmental impact.