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Alibaba Cloud Unveils New AI Solution to Help Elevate Malaysia’s Logistics Industry


Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has announced that its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven logistics solution EasyDispatch is now available in Malaysia. This move aims to drive business innovation and elevate the performance of the local logistics industry with Alibaba Cloud’s advanced cloud-based technology and proven solutions.

EasyDispatch, designed to improve supply chain management while reducing logistics costs, is an efficient real-time service dispatch solution incorporating Al-powered, centralised features and Vehicle Route Planning (VRP). With the algorithm trained to achieve optimal results within predefined business restrictions, the smart logistics solution uses the latest reinforcement learning AI and Machine Learning technology to improve field service dispatch capabilities and efficiency by providing high-accuracy address processing capability and real-time dispatch service. Powered by Alibaba Cloud’s advanced infrastructure and robust and high-quality global network, the solution delivers high performance, stability and high-speed access from any location—pivotal for creating better customer experiences.

“Malaysia has always recognised the logistics sector as a vital component to the economic performance of the country and its future. Cost-effective scalability and a powerful, international network are critical to logistics businesses with dynamic operations across multiple countries and regions. With our advanced cloud-based technology and proven innovation, we are thrilled to support innovative industry players to bring their business growth to the next level by providing secure, compliant, reliable, and elastic solutions,” said Kun Huang, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence during the launch ceremony.

With the availability of this new solution, the trusted cloud leader also announced its support for Global Track, an award-winning Malaysian smart logistics system service provider, to deploy its smart logistics solution for the first time in Malaysia.

Joseph Lee Kha Sheng, Co-Founder of and CEO at Global Track, said: “We have been continually innovating our solution throughout the years to enhance the product features and implement many new functions in order to help users save more time and we will continue to do so. Now, with Alibaba Cloud as our trusted logistics solution provider, we have received feedback that the software system has helped our clients reduce their processing time up to 40% and workforce reduction up to 30% on route planning and also dispatch management. This has sharply increased productivity and efficiency as less workforce and effort is needed on manual processing work.”

Separately, Alibaba Cloud has signed an MoU with EasyParcel, a one-stop delivery service booking platform during the event. Through the collaboration, EasyParcel is incorporating Alibaba Cloud’s advanced cloud-native technologies such as big data analytics, AI, and cloud computing to improve its operational efficiency, enhance its end-to-end logistics capabilities and help it provide more efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions to businesses in Southeast Asia. The two parties also aim to work together to offer a comprehensive range of logistics services for Malaysian businesses, including real-time tracking, intelligent routing and personalised recommendations based on data analysis.

Commenting on the collaboration, EasyParcel’s Founder and CEO, Clarence Leong, said: “The logistics industry is currently entering a comprehensive digital age. We are confident that with Alibaba Cloud’s expertise in cloud computing and data analytics, this collaboration will help enable us to drive the business on a larger scale and improve our agility in responding to market change and deliver even more benefits to our customers across the globe. “

He added: “Since implementing Alibaba Cloud’s advanced technology and cloud services, we have experienced a significant jump in efficiency and overall performance by 55%, effectively balancing our cost and performance needs.”

The freshly inked collaborations are in line with Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to making Malaysia a high-value-added economy by providing a conducive environment for startups and SMEs throughout their digitalisation journey with advanced technologies and streamlined solutions.

As one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, Alibaba Cloud boasts a network of 86 availability zones in 28 regions across the globe, offering a highly secure, scalable, robust cloud infrastructure to support global customers embracing digital innovation. It is also the first global cloud provider with local data centres in Malaysia since 2017, and also launched its first cloud-based Anti-DDos Scrubbing Centre in Malaysia in 2018 serving the region.

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