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AllSome Launches Get Today’s Order Today Solution to Ensure Speedier Deliveries and Higher Brand Affinity through Quick Commerce
March 1, 2022 News

Inventory being stacked at AllSome’s hub


AllSome Fulfilment, a cross border eCommerce fulfillment solutions company, has recently introduced its Get Today’s Order Today solution to enable accelerated adoption of quick commerce, empowering consumers with efficient same-day delivery while ensuring higher sales turnover rates among brands. This solution is made possible with AllSome’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered fulfilment platform and the convenience of its 1,000 flash hub locations, across 50 cities. With its first flash hub established in Penang, AllSome is set to expand to the Klang Valley on the 14th of March 2022.

Since the start of the pandemic, the rate of online purchases has been on the rise, changing consumer behaviour drastically. Consumers are now turning online for instant delivery of daily groceries, shop-hopping across as many as 7 different sites to survey product value before deciding on a purchase.

To that end, AllSome’s Get Today’s Order Today feature will bring a faster, more efficient eCommerce experience to Malaysian doorsteps. Powered by an AI-driven instant order processing system, AllSome ensures that merchant stock is always readily available at its flash hubs and updated in real-time. With services like order management, inventory storage, product packaging and management, the company’s flash hubs act as fulfillment centres, efficiently meeting consumer demand for a fast and accurate same-day delivery service provided by third-party logistics partners like Teleport, Pickupp and Lalamove. Furthermore, this ensures that merchants can keep up with fulfillment seamlessly.

“We started AllSome to help overseas and local businesses achieve faster and greater sales turnover rates. By ensuring quick and easy delivery, the Get Today’s Order Today feature will help improve the customer experience and consumer relationship with their favourite brands, thus creating greater trust. We hope that this will in turn, elevate the brand image of our partners. With our expansion to more locations within Malaysia, we aim to ensure that both eCommerce merchants and consumers continue to benefit from wider ground coverage,” shares Ng Yi Ying, Founder of AllSome.

AllSome Offers an End-to-End Solution for Cross-Border eCommerce Operations

With physical retail is expected to grow by 6% in 2022, it is clear that in-person shopping is still quite relevant amidst the boom of eCommerce purchases as consumers still prefer experiential retail.

With that in mind, AllSome also ensures that merchant products are shelved and displayed at its flash hubs, instead of having them stored in warehouses, allowing buyers who prefer physical shopping to have memorable in-store experiences. Moreover, to support brands in widening their reach in the market, AllSome ensures that products are placed in strategic locations such as partnering cafés, salons and gyms to give buyers a chance to experience the products sold.

On a global scale, AllSome’s cross-border solution ensures seamless product globalisation, helping overseas brands reach the Malaysian market more conveniently. The platform supports smart order fulfillments from multiple eCommerce platforms, selecting the best cost-effective shipping method for the delivery to be made locally. Each brand will have one to five flash hubs set up to make way for fast & efficient order fulfillment processes.

“Customer satisfaction is not only determined by timely delivery, but also by ensuring the quality of products. We are able to assume complete responsibility of the after-sales fulfillment process, providing end-to-end transparency complete with parcel tracking notifications and performance reports for merchants. When orders are submitted through platforms such as Shopee or Shopify, we pick and pack the product at our hubs and send it out for delivery through our third-party providers, chosen to best suit the delivery method that the buyer prefers, ranging from cash-on deliveries to scheduled deliveries,” explained Yi.

Already successful in onboarding 300 brands onto its platform including RPG Ventures, AllSome aims to partner with retail chains for wider same-day delivery adoption, while establishing more hubs around Malaysia. Furthermore, the brand is also looking to extend its services to Indonesia, thus creating sustainable avenues for market expansion on behalf of brands in Malaysia and China.

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