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Avaya Improves Customer Experience with Enhanced AI-Powered Contact Centre Capabilities
January 18, 2021 News


Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, announced an expansion of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered customer experience capabilities for Avaya OneCloudTM CCaaS customers, through an extended relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an AWS Partner offering AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions, Avaya can enable customers to leverage AWS AI Services and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to drive more rewarding customer and employee experiences across both voice and digital channels through natural, conversation-driven interactions powered by AI and ML.

Avaya’s integration with AWS CCI strengthens its portfolio of contact centre solutions delivering enhanced customer engagement through better, faster, and more relevant insights and actions, building brand preference while also improving operational efficiency. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS customers can benefit from AWS ML-powered intelligence to improve self-service, analyse calls in real-time to assist agents, and learn from each contact centre interaction with post-call analytics, giving customers and customer-facing employees better, faster, and more rewarding interactions.

“As a leading contact centre solution provider with an installed base of approximately six million seats globally, Avaya continues to expand AI capabilities that are evolving the contact centre into what is now the customer experience centre,” said Eric Rossman, Avaya VP, Technology Partners and Alliances. “With real-time insights and fuller context for each customer at your fingertips, brands can meet and exceed their customers’ expectations with each interaction, leading to greater satisfaction and brand loyalty. With AWS, Avaya delivers new AI and machine learning innovation that improves the performance and efficiency of customer experience teams, but more importantly, enables deeper and more meaningful human connections between organisations and their customers.”

Avaya announced that they have joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an AWS Select Technology Partner. The integration with AWS CCI extends Avaya’s AWS-based cloud efforts and furthers Avaya’s vision for AI in the contact centre. AWS is also a key member of A.I.Connect, an Avaya-led initiative that brings together an ecosystem of vendors and developers taking an active part in building AI-driven solutions. A.I.Connect accelerates the adoption of AI solutions in CCaaS and UCaaS portfolios to deliver better customer engagement, drive agent productivity, and increase customer affinity.