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Cloud Integration Mandates the Modernisation of Business Modules
July 1, 2022 Blog


The ASEAN information technology scene is undoubtedly fascinating to observe and explore, particularly in a country the size of Indonesia. Cloud computing is an on-demand IT service delivered via the internet that has become a staple for businesses and organisations. Even though businesses and organisations have made the transition to cloud computing, they have just scratched the surface of its capabilities and potential.

As Edwin Putraoetoma Octosa, PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk’s Director of Solution stressed, cloud computing, particularly AWS cloud architecture, opens up a wide range of possibilities. The digitisation of organisations, for example, through AWS cloud infrastructure, eliminates the heavy lifting of hardware and server management, allowing businesses to precisely adjust the extent of computing resources organisations require.

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (Metrodata) is a well-known Indonesian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company that collaborates with AWS to provide complete ICT solutions to support local Digital Business Transformation.

When compared to the traditional, on-premises approach, cloud computing enables the quicker development of new IT services for customers and internal employees. And Metrodata will act as an intermediary, ensuring that customers make the best use of AWS cloud services.

Driving Business Forward with Cloud Computing

When asked what the next step should be for organisations who have already transitioned to the cloud, Edwin responded, “Many companies have migrated their workloads to the cloud or at least have minimum infrastructure in the cloud but cloud computing has a vast unexplored definition.” As previously said, AWS cloud infrastructure offers a wide range of IT services, including Data Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT services, and this is only a small portion of the overall AWS offerings which customers can tap on to take the advantage and grow their business, revenue, sales target and potential market share.

Businesses that are eager to take the next step in cloud computing should take a step back and reassess their objectives. Set a probable goal and be certain of what the organisation is attempting to accomplish. Don’t forget to be ambitious with the company’s vision. Metrodata has positioned itself to assist in AWS cloud service adoption, beginning with a modest initial step to streamline business operations and, most importantly, give the greatest customer experience. In other words, “Metrodata is here and ready to help with your company’s ’Day 0’ phase solution,” as Edwin puts it.

Even then, is cloud computing the next best thing? Is it flawless? Dana Suryo Saputro, Metrodata’s AWS Solution Architect, didn’t think so. “Cloud computing adoption will always depend on your type and complexity of the application, as well as the workload in general,” Dana stated openly. Although a pure 100 percent public cloud approach is feasible, hybrid cloud is more common for commercial customers with hundreds or thousands of applications. Right now, customers are taking the bold steps to move “All in Cloud” to take the initial benefits on the overall TCO and agility of their infrastructure landscape. Metrodata and AWS believe that the best solution is to assure application compatibility regardless of whether it is on-premises or in the AWS cloud, in order to identify which solution is best for the business.

Dana continued, “From a technical standpoint, a safe and dependable connection between on-premises hardware and the cloud would be vital to ensure seamless company operation.” Even with two siloed environments, Metrodata could help organisations get the most out of both on-premises and cloud environments at the same time. From a financial standpoint, the budget may be adjusted and scaled based on business size, applications, and niches by nit-picking only the required features from both domains.

Metrodata and AWS Are Here to Assist

Best of all, Metrodata, in collaboration with AWS, will provide not only Day 0, but also Day 1, and Day 2 solutions and support. Metrodata provides a suitable, best practice solution for businesses with the cloud and AWS subject matter expert participation.

This is possible because Metrodata has a team of subject matter experts ranging from Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Hybrid IT Infrastructure, Security, Business Application, Digital Business Platform, Consulting & Advisory Services, and Managed Services on hand to help organisations on Day 0. When the operation goes live on Day 1, the optimal methodology for ensuring minimum risk, optimum timeline, and best possible architecture result can be realised. Finally, on day 2, cloud service options that cater to client preferences and experiences are accessible.

Dana responded when asked why Metrodata picked AWS over other cloud service providers, “AWS is one of the pioneers of cloud business service and, in my opinion, has matured technologically and certified to explore the limits of cloud computing technology. Aside from that, AWS is a customer-centric organisation, which happens to be one of our cornerstones in becoming a one-stop IT service centre for our customers.”

One of the most pressing concerns among businesses is the cloud’s security in comparison to on-premises infrastructure. AWS data security services include encryption, key management services, and threat detection, which monitor and safeguard your accounts and workloads in real-time. And Metrodata, as the region’s appointed provider, will abide by the same guidelines, methodology, and control in securing customer data on the cloud.

Near Future Projection

Many companies will be able to take the digitalisation leap thanks to Metrodata and AWS. Even so, while cloud computing is gaining mainstream traction, traditional on-premises infrastructure continues to take an active part in supporting hundreds of applications in conjunction with cloud systems. It appears that a considerable portion of companies, particularly in the ASEAN region, is slowly but surely embracing the concept of a hybrid cloud environment, due to its flexibility and other benefits.

But regardless of where they are on the cloud journey or what portion of their operations they wish to move to the cloud, they will need a trusted and reliable partner like Metrodata to offer the experience and expertise to ensure lasting success.