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Cloud Success Is a Pipe Dream Without Flash: Why Flash Storage Is the Key Enabler for Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy
November 22, 2021 Blog


The march to the hybrid cloud is ongoing, which only makes sense because the future of IT operations is headed there anyway. The operative word here is hybrid and that means on-premises infrastructure will continue to be vital moving forward, even as the cloud’s role expands more and more. This is the only way that organisations will be able to place their data and workloads wherever makes the most sense for their specific use cases, whether on-prem or in the public or private cloud.

It all starts at the very foundation of the on-premises data centre, which is the storage infrastructure. It needs to be not only reliable in storing growing amounts of data, but it must not be the stumbling block that stifles innovation. A key component of a successful hybrid cloud implementation is modern storage that is fast, efficient, cost-effective, able to handle the most demanding of workloads and most importantly, cloud adaptable.

Flash storage ticks all these boxes, if you choose wisely.

Yes, flash storage is becoming increasingly fast, able to deliver the performance required by modern workloads, from real-time data analytics to the deployment of AI or deep-learning algorithms. Yes, it is becoming ever more reliable while costs are continuously dropping, inching flash storage towards broader adoption as it is seen as the way to the future for next-gen data centres. However, how well is it able to fit into your overall hybrid environment? That is a challenge that not all flash storage solutions are able to address.

With the release of the FlashSystem series, IBM’s all-flash family of storage systems, IBM set out to help companies modernise their on-prem storage AND easily manage data across a hybrid cloud computing environment. The IBM FlashSystem specifically, provides enterprise-class storage for companies of any size with a powerful line-up of flash offerings ranging from entry-level to high-end that seamlessly extend to hybrid cloud and container configurations.

IBM is able to provide this seamlessness and consistency in two ways:

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides a single operating environment and consistent set of data and operational services to efficiently and effectively store, safeguard, manage, govern, mobile and integrate both IBM and non-IBM storage systems, thus reducing the need to manage specialised knowledge and retain product-specific skills.
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ for Public Cloud together support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centres or between cloud data centres. These functions can be used to migrate data between on-premises and public cloud data centres or between public cloud data centres – including IBM, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

For further info on how IBM FlashSystem can ensure a successful hybrid cloud strategy for your organisation, click here.