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Converge ICT, Bounty Farms, and Asian Coatings Embrace Digital Technology through Exora
February 3, 2022 News


Exora Technologies has started the year strong as it secured energy retail supply contracts for big brands such as Converge ICT, Bounty Farms, LCC Malls, Bestpak Packaging Solutions, Rain or Shine mother company, Asian Coatings and Polyline Industries, among many others.

As the Philippine Competitive Retail Electricity Market (CREM) opens up to enable full deregulation of the Philippine power market, Exora Technologies offers an end-to-end energy solutions platform that assists contestable consumers to lower energy costs through the use of technology and digitalisation. This enables consumer choice and promotes open competition among the stakeholders.

“One of the sustainability strategies of Converge ICT was to switch to renewable energy. We have interviewed several retail electricity suppliers but when we worked with Exora last August, we were able to do the switch immediately. Through Exora’s digital procurement, we were able to cut down all of the interviews and presentations to a very streamlined process. It saves us a lot of time, effort and energy and it helps us make business decisions easier,” said Enrique Balangue, Facilities and Administrative Manager at Converge ICT, in testifying to the excellent service provided by Exora Technologies to their clients.

Making the process simple and efficient is Exora Technologies enabling the market to fully exercise choice and flexibility in supply. Exora streamlines the process and enables the country’s first and fastest digital energy procurement from the usual 3 to 6 months to 2.5 weeks.

“Exora is more than an auction platform. We are working on an advanced threshold management and Machine Learning-driven feature of analytics. We use the gathered data and analytics to further improve the fit of supplier offers to customer needs. These also serve as a basis for advice we give to our clients and energy efficiency and conservation solutions we may recommend,” said Sergius Santos, CEO at Exora.

Exora also interfaces with local engineering and facilities teams to beef up the expertise and knowledge base of any team at the cost of one entry-level full-time staff. This equips the teams to manage facilities better, forecast issues and resolve them and reminders to ensure compliance to new energy regulations.

“Exora continues to be a valued partner of Asian Coatings. Their nuanced expertise in the electricity supply market and power in general has resulted in massive savings for our company—all that without any disruptions or modifications in our power supply and infrastructure, respectively. More importantly, their service has been impeccable in responding to our needs. Exora has reassured us throughout our partnership that a brighter tomorrow is, indeed, possible, not through convincing words, but through proven action,” said Redmond Yu, AVP for Sales and Marketing at Asian Coatings, one of the leading paint manufacturers in the Philippines today.