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image Releases Over 3.5 Million Daily Top Ranking Charts Free to the Public
March 11, 2022 News


In an industry-first move, has upleveled the industry standard with its release of Top Charts to the public—a daily update of the top apps across more than 190 countries and 46 app store categories in a fully customisable view. The best part? It is available for anyone to use. This is giving unprecedented access to’s market-leading unification and best-in-class rankings—illuminating the digital landscape for all.

Premium Data for Everyone—Moving Beyond the Basic Rankings’s Top Charts:

  • Holistic downloads and revenue ranks unified across iOS & Google Play combined, or separated by store: iOS and Google Play — empowering you to have the full picture and illuminating store differences.
  • Top Daily Active User Ranking Charts for all smartphone devices combined, iPhones or Android phones — so publishers can see a unified market view or separate out devices in device-dominant regions.
  • Top SDKs installed on all smartphone devices across 34 SDK types, or separated by iPhones and Android phones — illuminating the tech that powers the most popular apps.
  • Store ranks for iOS, Google Play, Mac, Amazon and Apple TV for free downloads, paid downloads and app store revenue — to highlight a full digital spectrum.

These ranks go beyond the Top Charts and empower readers with granular insights to drive action, including:

  • Rank changes from the day prior, week prior or 30 days prior so you can see meaningful and timely shifts in consumer demand
  • Rising Stars — which apps, games or SDKs have seen the most dramatic jumps up the rankings charts and which are trending down
  • Breakout Players that are new to the top 100 or have fallen out of the top 100 to keep tabs on the latest movers and shakers

Never before has the industry had widespread access to top charts covering the leading mobile apps, games and SDKs. goes beyond app store ranks to give unified views for downloads, revenue, active users and SDK installs—illuminating the mobile landscape with more data than ever before. It’s free, updating daily and ready to be explored: Check out’s Top Charts.

For more advanced free reports or ranks outside the top 10, and granular insights to help sharpen competitive knowledge sign up here. When you register for a free account you will discover Top Companies, Top SDK’s, view leaders and stragglers by five different predefined insights, compare app performance, set up alerts, and more.