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Data Is The Game To Play To Be A Valuable Company

Informatica and Tech Data are now in partnership to bring the latest in Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Data Integration to its channel partners and their customers. The company which was founded in 1993 has its headquarters located in California.

The new branding of Informatica is in line their new company strategy to move forward and towards the data says Christopher Chia, Channel Development Manager for ASEAN.

Christopher addressing the partners

“A few years back when I spoke about what are the trends affecting the market today, I spoke about Big Data, I spoke about cloud, I spoke about analytics. So today, everything is coming true,” he said and shared that companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have one thing in common other than having a lot of money. They are using Informatica as their solutions provider.

“Their strategy today is all (about) data. And today, data is the game that we play. If you want to be the most valuable company in the world, data is the game to play.”

Cheryl Yong, Country Sales Manager for Informatica

Typically a direct to customers company, Informatica’s change of strategy comes at an opportune time when they are able to partner with Tech Data, and not just because there is the word ‘data’ in the name, jests Chris.

“We realise that the world today is changing because the customers want to work with you,” he said of the channel partners. “You are the domain experts. You are the experts in the field who use this data for your solution and applications. So that’s very important. For us at Informatica, we are a tool. For you to use to reach out to customers so that you can make money and become one of the largest players in the world.”

Partners attending the launch at Souled Out TTDI

They are riding the disruptive wave of change that has taken the world by storm since the advent of Big Data and are looking to benefit their partners with it. To assist their seven thousand strong customers, they will be looking at accelerating the digital transformation. They have been investing annually 150million in their R&D which is 15% of their revenue with direct presence in 26 countries and customers in 82 countries

Chris shared one of their future aspirations was to prepare their channel partners to be 50% autonomous by 2018 and 60% autonomous by 2019.

“If you have the skill sets that’s better than us, then it will be easier for you to be autonomous. I hope we can reach that earlier in 2018.”