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Deloitte Introduces ReadyAI Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service Solution
April 7, 2021 News


Deloitte introduced ReadyAI, a full portfolio of capabilities and services to help organisations accelerate and scale their artificial intelligence (AI) projects. ReadyAI brings together skilled AI specialists and managed services in a flexible AI-as-a-service model designed to help clients scale AI throughout their organisations.

The AI market is expected to exceed US$191 billion by 2024, growing at 37% compound annual growth rate. As organisations accelerate their adoption of AI, many struggles with challenges such as limited access to specialised talent, slow development cycles, and the resources to continuously maintain AI models. Creating and sustaining AI models at scale typically requires people with capabilities across data science, IT operations and user experience (UX) who work seamlessly towards a common goal. With Deloitte’s ReadyAI, organisations now have access to the services, technology and expertise they need to accelerate their AI journey.

“In the Age of With, human and machine collaboration is taking organisations to new heights. While AI adoption is accelerating, many organisations struggle to scale their AI projects. ReadyAI provides the flexible and scalable capabilities that these companies need to successfully become AI-fueled organizations.” — Nitin Mittal, AI co-leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

ReadyAI offers comprehensive service capabilities including:

  • Data preparation: Provide data extraction, wrangling and standardisation services. Also supports advanced analytical model development through feature engineering.
  • Insights and visualisation: Design and generate reports and visual dashboards utilising data output from automations to improve business outcomes and automation performance.
  • Advanced analytics: Data analysis for both structured and unstructured data. Creation of rule-based bots and insights-as-a-service.
  • Machine learning and deep learning: ML and deep learning model development. Video and text analytics to assist conversational AI.
  • Machine learning deployment: Create deployment architecture and pipelines for upstream and downstream integration of ML models.
  • Model management and MLOps: Management of model performance, migration and maintenance. Automation of model monitoring process and overall DevOps for machine learning.

“The promise of AI lies in its deployment at scale in a fair, ethical and trustworthy fashion. ReadyAI helps clients take AI all the way from labs and pilot programmes to real-life business integration and adoption.” — Rohit Tandon, general manager for ReadyAI and managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte’s recent “State of AI in the Enterprise ” third edition study of enterprise AI adopters found that less than half of adopters believe they have a high level of skill around integrating AI technology into their existing IT environment. With a talent pool of more than 3,100 AI professionals, Deloitte can assemble teams that have the right combination of industry, domain and AI technology skills to best suit clients’ needs. These experts include cloud engineers, data scientists, data architects, technology and application engineers, business and domain specialists, and visualisation and design specialists. By leveraging the right combination of skills, organisations can quickly accelerate their AI journey.

ReadyAI teams operate as an extension of clients’ teams often for engagements of six months or more. Services are available as a flexible, subscription model, allowing clients to scale resources and capabilities up or down based on business needs and priorities.