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DTA Exclusive Interview Series: Five for Five With the Former CIO of Singapore Petroleum Company
July 2, 2021 News


The CxO Five for Five is Disruptive Tech Asean’s (DTA) exclusive interview series where we get Chief Executives from around the ASEAN region to answer rapid-fire questions on everything technology-related.

For this CxO Five for Five, we invited Joyce Lo, former CIO at the Singapore Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of PetroChina International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. During her term as the CIO, Joyce was responsible for implementing many IT initiatives, including the improvement of the resilience and security of the company’s digital platforms and solutions.

With over 30 years of experience across various industries, Joyce now runs consultancy services and conducts executive education courses for IT leaders. Her passion includes powerful innovations such as 5G, IoT, ML, AI and robotics. Here are Joyce’s takes on the questions:


1 – (Crystal Ball) – What is the top technology that you think will transform your business in the coming years?

Technology that transforms business processes, enable more functionalities, away from manual into digital and online. For example, how we reach out to customers, how we use payment systems to replace cash, how we perform data analytics on customer spending patterns, how we predict customers next purchases to celebrate an occasion.


2 – (Out to Pasture) – Technology that you think you will phase out of your business?

Old ways of doing things and legacy systems that limit the possibilities for better things in the future will phase out. For example, monolithic on-premises infrastructure and hardware, file servers, PABX system. Spreadsheets are here to stay and great enterprise software companies embrace them, integrate with them, even data analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI and AI support spreadsheets.


3 – (Chatter Box) – Best collaboration tool?

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. They provide complete business suites for document sharing and storage, online communication, virtual meetings and conferences, sharing of information, and also have high security and compliance procedures. MS Teams is a great productivity tool that we use for daily meetings and in some way soften the impact of the implementation of working from home since the start of Covid-19.


4 – (Be Safe) – Biggest cybersecurity concern?

Having good security processes and coverage. Securing the cloud infrastructure where our data is most likely going to reside beacause it is the biggest threat to a modern company going forward. Placing emphasis on educating our stakeholders and ensuring that everyone in the organisation is committed to putting security at the forefront of what we do.


5 – (When I Grow Up) – If you hadn’t gone into tech, what would you do instead?

I was a software engineer and discovering how to make things better using technology. Perhaps I would end up as a user champion in technology and healthcare if I was not a CIO.