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Epson Malaysia Launches ‘Be Cool’ Campaign, Aiming to Promote Sustainability and Business Resilience Through Sustainable Technology
March 23, 2021 News


As businesses experience rapid modernisation and adopt new, advanced technologies, they also need to consider the impact all this will bring on the environment and embrace a more sustainable strategy.

For Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia, in the “Building Business Resilience through Sustainable Technology” online conference, now they can move in the right direction towards sustainability with Epson’s latest eco-friendly offering.

“Often times, people assume that eco-friendly technology is expensive. Epson Heat-Free Technology has shown its sustainability commitment by aligning with the global sustainability trends in energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction – in every print”, he explained.

The Epson Heat-Free Technology is an integral part of Epson’s high-capacity and eco-friendly ink tank inkjet printers – the EcoTank. As the name suggests, the technology allows for printing without using heat in a more efficient manner, compared to laser printers that rely on heat transfer.

In addition, the said printers consume up to 85% less energy than a similar-speed laser printer. For a typical office that requires frequent printing, this can amount to distinct savings in their annual energy bills. Inkjet printers also produce up to 85% less carbon dioxide than comparable laser printers.

According to Hori, this is also in line with Epson Vision 2050, which outlines the company’s efforts in contributing to the development of a sustainable society by leveraging efficient, compact and precision technologies to reduce the environmental impact of products and services across their life cycles.

During the virtual conference, Epson Malaysia also launched its printer sustainability campaign called “Be Cool” – which aims to educate and empower businesses to adopt greener printing practices with Epson Heat-Free technology. This is also in partnership with EcoKnights, a non-governmental environmental organisation that focuses on working with key stakeholders to drive and empower sustainable actions for a better planet.

To represent the organisation, Fadly Bakhtiar, Programme Director of EcoKnights, also presented in the online forum.

“With the increasing awareness of climate change, more companies are walking the talk and taking the route to make their operations more sustainable. To become a nation that is sustainably developed, businesses need to shift strategic changes from the traditional economy to a green economy”, said Fadly.

Together with EcoKnights, Epson Malaysia opened the ‘Be Cool’ campaign that intends to raise RM20,000 donation for EcoKnights tree-planting initiative with the sales proceed of EcoTank printers during the campaign period, starting from 29th March 29 to 30th June 2021.

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