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Exploring Data Science on a Single Platform
August 28, 2020 Library


Be it working remotely or attending virtual events; society is slowly beginning to get used to the new normal. While some sectors are slowly opening up, many are still considering ‘social distancing’ to be safe. In education, both students and educators have become accustomed to virtual classrooms.

While there are many platforms for virtual learning, some of it can be complicated. For example, universities rely heavily on analytics for education, marketing and attracting students to ensure the institute can remain relevant. Universities need a data science platform for education which allows lecturers, trainers, course managers and such to make the maximum use of the data they have.

Mohamad Nor Hakkim Nor Azlan, a data scientist at Statworks shares his experience using the Perceptron data science platform in a webinar. He will share why this platform works best for education as well as how students and trainees can make the most out of it.