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Get an Edge With SUSE Edge
December 21, 2021 Blog


The edge is where the magic is happening, so to speak, moving from buzzword to business necessity in recent years because of the benefits it offers. Among these notable benefits are increasing flexibility to handle the present and future demands of Artificial Intelligence (AI), empowering employees to collect and analyse data with the help of AI and gathering input from connected devices and the entire Internet of Things (IoT) in real-time.

These benefits are further enhanced by the intelligent edge, or an on-premises IT ecosystem that collects data and acts on it in near real-time without having to send it either to the cloud or to a data centre. This not only reduces bandwidth requirements, response times and security risks but also lowers overall costs by optimising storage usage and reducing expenses related to computing, bandwidth and other intelligent technologies.

In short, utilising the intelligent edge will give a company an advantage over competitors that are not on the edge just yet. At the very least, leveraging it is good for business, mainly due to the aforementioned benefits.

An Edge Full of Challenges

Despite the advantages and wisdom of adopting the intelligent edge, at the moment, there is no fully managed edge solution available in the market. This unavailability makes intelligent edge deployment challenging, largely because of the lack of a consistent platform from the core, to the cloud, to edge; security, privacy and compliance concerns and use-case complexities.

Enter SUSE Edge, designed specifically for scale and to remove common complexities often associated with adopting the intelligent edge, like deployment, administration and operations. Critically, it is specially engineered to meet the edge wherever it may be—near the data centre, at a remote location or at the actual edge devices.

The SUSE Edge Explained

The SUSE Edge is a full-stack edge infrastructure management solution. It is open-source, cloud-native and Kubernetes-ready, and provides reliable, secure and maintenance-free edge infrastructure. In addition, SUSE Edge features SLE Micro, a secure OS specifically built from the ground up to support containers and microservices. It uses the enterprise-hardened technology components of SUSE Linux Enterprise and complements it with a modern, immutable and easy to use OS platform for unprecedented reliability, security and simplicity.

The SUSE Edge also uses the production-ready K3s, which delivers lightweight Kubernetes distribution and provides a reliable and comprehensive Kubernetes experience, in which an organisation can consistently and efficiently manage approximately 1 million edge clusters built on x86 or ARM64-based hardware.

Combined with Longhorn, the first Kubernetes-native storage solution that allows efficient data storage in even the most remote, low-powered environments, K3s makes edge-based Kubernetes deployment easy, fast and reliable. On top of these features, SUSE Edge aims for zero maintenance, where all routine maintenance functions—including updates, patches and configuration changes—are performed seamlessly and automatically.

Gaining the SUSE Edge

All told, deploying the SUSE Edge will help bring the following benefits to an organisation’s edge infrastructure:

  • Ultra-Low Latency – Workloads are brought closest to where they can best deliver value, thus eliminating network latency and enabling instantaneous compute, storage and container services.
  • Reduced Bandwidth – The promise of 5G enables faster data processing, perfect for connected vehicles, robotics, VNF/CNF workloads and other business-critical scenarios.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy – Risks are mitigated by reducing the amount of data travelling over a network and distributing data collection across multiple devices to prevent data from being stored in one place only.

Needless to say, now is the time for your organisation to explore the intelligent edge. But if you want to truly get an edge, then deploying SUSE Edge is something you will have to consider. To find out more about this pioneering edge solution and how it can help your business, visit the official SUSE website or request a sales call from the innovation heroes at SUSE.