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HK Local Startup OneDay Offers One-Stop Cross-Regional Real Estate Online Transaction Platform
June 28, 2022 News


Local startup OneDay officially launched OneDay Vietnam, and is entering the Vietnamese real estate market. As a one-stop cross-regional real estate online transaction platform, OneDay provides both local and overseas residential, industrial and commercial building units, shops, land and parking spaces for lease or sale.

Powered by a fast and flexible platform, OneDay provides lightning-quick location-based proximity search features such as nearby hospitals, supermarkets and schools, as well as 70+ search filters for users to choose from. This way, anyone can quickly and easily find real estate opportunities in both Hong Kong and Vietnam for investment or self-use all with the convenience of a single mobile app in hand. This also paves the way for global real estate agents and owners to expand their international customer base via a broader and more efficient listing platform.

OneDay Helps Make Relocating Abroad Easier

Moving abroad and finding a suitable foreign residence can be both challenging and stressful. Other websites that offer overseas properties fail to meet the residential needs of the public since they only cater to those looking to buy or sell. But OneDay is helping make relocating much easier since it caters to users looking to buy and sell, as well as rent and lease. This offering helps satisfy every demand for overseas property, which is important, especially during the recent waves of emigration.

With super-fast built-in GPS capabilities and helpful location-based proximity search features that are all natively integrated into the app, users can search for real estate in any area and see nearby hospitals, supermarkets, schools and other amenities, including the distance those amenities are from the property they are looking at. With 70+ search and filter settings, OneDay users can save time and money when searching for their ideal place.

Rapid Development in Southeast Asia Generates Huge Market Potential in Vietnam

In recent years, Southeast Asia has experienced spectacular growth and attracted huge investments from enterprises from around the world. Among the countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is perceived as one of the most promising markets in the region with a GDP growth rate that continues to exceed that of China and ranks among the top of the world. In the first quarter of 2022, Vietnam’s export value increased by nearly 16%, while the housing prices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and more continuously increased by 5 to 10% per year.

Spotting the business opportunity, OneDay set up its branch in Vietnam and launched “OneDay Vietnam” in April 2022 to capitalise on this growth wave. To meet the global demand for Vietnam real estate, OneDay has focused on three urban markets: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Yangang. Not only is the OneDay team familiar with popular Vietnamese locations and real estate agents, but they can also provide itineraries as well as further information to help customers search, find and plan easily.

“I hope that the mobile app OneDay will become a premier global real estate transaction platform, and by connecting real estate agents with clients and landlords with tenants around the world, the flow of information and global real estate transactions will be facilitated,” said Jason Cheng, Founder of OneDay.

OneDay first started operating in Hong Kong in 2018 and as of January 2022, OneDay HK attracts up to 500,000 average monthly visitors to its platform. Besides the Hong Kong market, OneDay is also actively expanding into additional markets to provide real estate options in the UK, Japan, Australia, Cambodia, and China. OneDay wants to focus primarily on the development of the Southeast Asian market and hopes to become the leading real estate transaction app in popular regions such as the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.