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Huawei Forges a Path to Digital Business Revolution Through the Power of Collaborative Innovation
March 15, 2023 Blog


Huawei is at the forefront of ushering in a new era of digital transformation in a world where digital innovation is revolutionising how we work, play, and communicate. At the recent HUAWEI CLOUD APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023, Huawei announced the Innovation Connect Alliance, an unprecedented collaboration with leaders from various industries that promises to revolutionise how businesses operate and engage with their customers. This is all part of Huawei’s larger vision to connect digitally to enterprise customers, employees, and partners alike.

As technology continues to evolve and become increasingly complex, it becomes more difficult for a single organisation to possess the entire spectrum of skills and resources required to succeed in this challenging digital landscape. Hence, partnering with other organisations allows them to leverage on complementary strengths to fill gaps in expertise, resources, and capabilities. Through the amalgamation of skills, knowledge and resources, these alliances can then accelerate innovation whilst reducing costs, thereby creating better products and services for their customers.

Huawei and its partners in the Innovation Connect Alliance are committed to more than just working together. It is a group initiative to rapidly innovate company models and consumer experiences, and to identify new prospects. Companies that stem from a wider spectrum of industries and expertise, such as Kiwi, NXCloud, QuickCEP, Zanroo, AroundDeal, Dataxet, Wiz Holdings, Cloopen, and FanRuan, are now partnering with Huawei Cloud to help more businesses succeed.

The alliance aims to reinvent businesses by leveraging on digital innovation to introduce a paradigm shift from “being the disrupted” to “becoming the disruptor.” Huawei’s strength lies in its ability to “Think and Act Digitally,” to which it achieves via the re-evaluation of traditional approaches to business, emphasising the importance of customers, reimagining its brand and discovering untapped markets through transformative innovation.

Huawei is building a platform for innovation with its partners, which crosses traditional industry boundaries by bringing together experts in areas such as data, augmented reality, cloud communication, intelligent tech solutions, sales and marketing intelligence, media monitoring, social listening, voice AI, automated customer service, and big data analysis.

Through the Innovation Connect Alliance, companies can now provide their employees with the knowledge and tools required in the modern workplace, while providing cutting-edge solutions to their business clients. Huawei Cloud also collaborates with other businesses to provide unified solutions which, apart from increasing productivity and efficiency, also serve to enhance people’s lives and pave the path for future developments.

Huawei Cloud and its partners have joined forces to better meet the needs of their enterprise customers in a variety of sectors and geographies by developing all-encompassing, cutting-edge solutions.

In short, the Innovation Connect Alliance is more than simply establishing digital links with businesses’ clients, workers, and associates. It endeavours to redefine international cooperation in a way that results in an overall increase in efficiency and interconnectivity. In its pursuit of a fully interconnected ecosystem, Huawei is focused on giving people more control over their own lives and improving the quality of those lives for a better tomorrow.