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Introducing the Enterprise Digital Connect Alliance: A Collaborative Ecosystem for Digital Transformation
March 15, 2023 Blog


Huawei’s commitment to its partners and their shared goal for digital transformation was reaffirmed during the HUAWEI CLOUD APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023, held in Bali, Indonesia.

In recent years, Digital transformation has become a key priority for many businesses in the ASEAN region. We see a trend where organisations have been actively investing in digital technologies and solutions to improve their overall operations, thereby enhancing customer experiences whilst gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Collaboration amongst businesses can be a powerful tool in driving digital transformation. By sharing knowledge and resources, organisations can stay ahead of the curve, access new technologies and solutions, and collaborate on innovative products and services. Overall, working together can help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals faster and more effectively.

That is why Huawei Cloud has partnered with numerous players in the local IT industry to establish the Enterprise Digital Connect Alliance. This alliance includes data transformation leaders across diverse industries and verticals, coming together to share knowledge, drive innovation, and shape the future of digital transformation in ASEAN:

  • AISHU: A trailblazing data management infrastructure provider that aims to empower governments, corporations, and organisations of all kinds with big data infrastructure for instant, real-time, and anytime-anywhere data services.
  • Coremail: A leading provider of enterprise email solutions, offering research, design, development, implementation, and ongoing support services to enterprise users.
  • Datablau: Developer of data asset management software that helps enterprises accelerate data analysis and reduce the cost of business operations by providing data analysis and visualisation services.
  • eRoad: Provider of a cloud-based human resources platform which offers integrated tools for managing employee payroll, benefits, and compensation for businesses.
  • Neocrm: Leading CRM provider that specialises in supporting automated business processes from marketing, and sales to service.
  • RootCloud: A specialised company that offers efficient and reliable digital transformation services to industrial enterprises by building IIoT operating systems.
  • ULearning: Provides cutting-edge AI + SaaS learning management platform solutions for educational institutes, training institutes, vertical industry associations, corporations & publishers.
  • Weaver: Provider of collaborative Office Automation (OA) systems, enterprise application software, web-based information management software, e-commerce solutions, and consultation and technology support services.
  • Yonyou: Specialist in the research, development and provision of ERP software solutions for companies of different scales and industries.
  • Black Lake Technologies: A manufacturing SaaS company that builds plant floor collaboration tools to digitally transform factories.

With the alliance well underway, Huawei Cloud and its partners can now better serve the varied requirements of their enterprise customers across industries and locations to create tailored yet comprehensive solutions.

Luik Lu, Director of Partner Ecosystem, Huawei said, “Our vision is to connect digitally to enterprise customers, employees, and partners with a fully committed ecosystem. We want to bring digital capability into all areas of a business, empower and create long-lasting value for our enterprise customers, thereby resulting in a fully connected ecosystem by working with the industry ecosystem to co-create the Enterprise Digital Connect Alliance.”

Huawei’s dedication to building a connected ecosystem extends far beyond the provision of novel solutions for business clients. The organisation understands how critical it is to equip its employees with the skills they need to succeed in today’s highly evolved economy. Through these collaborations, Huawei Cloud is now able to offer unified solutions that go beyond the boost of productivity and efficiency by improving people’s quality of life and pave the way for future advancements.