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Keeping Pace With the Evolving World of Work With VMware Workspace ONE
January 20, 2022 Blog


Given the rapid advancements in technology, the way people worked was undoubtedly evolving. However, the global pandemic has normalised remote work. Even though countries are now getting a better handle of the situation, it looks like the remote or hybrid work model is here to stay, leaving businesses scrambling to keep up with the accelerated pace of change, as well as changing employee demands.

Now more than ever, employees can work from anywhere, using a wide range of devices to get their work done. This raises a number of potential issues, such as labour-intensive provisioning cycles, siloed teams that make collaboration difficult, the difficulty of application access on different device types and patchwork approaches to security – issues that legacy or traditional IT platforms were never designed to address.

Having a unified digital workspace has become a critical priority for many organisations. One that delivers an integrated employee experience to the entire workforce, including both office and remote employees – on all devices: Mobile and desktop, corporate-owned and BYO (bring your own).

That is the promise of an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform like VMware Workspace ONE, whose cloud-native architecture and unified management approach enables IT to securely and reliably deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. Integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform, VMware Workspace ONE is built to address many of the challenges faced by organisations (today and well into the future) by delivering these benefits:

  • It eliminates silos. Workspace ONE breaks down silos through Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), which integrates multiple consoles into a single pane of glass that your teams can familiarise themselves with easily and conveniently. This UEM gives you a simpler but more cohesive and more agile way of managing different devices, beginning with PCs and mobile and extending to IoT devices, wearables and rugged frontline devices with varying operating systems.
  • It promotes collaboration. Workspace ONE eliminates overlapping workstreams and poor end-user experiences that are usually a result of siloed IT and increases visibility and simplicity. By doing so, the platform enables your team to work together quickly and seamlessly—with an awareness as to what everyone is doing and without needing any cross-training or any retraining.
  • It streamlines access to apps. By enabling a simple, straightforward approach to apps, Workspace ONE is able to streamline app management to make it easier for your IT team to (a) Build an app catalogue for your organisation, (b) Manage the apps in a said catalogue, and (c) Control access to them. This eliminates labour-intensive and time-consuming administrative tasks that come with testing, provisioning, packaging, upgrading and supporting the company’s apps. It also allows your remote team to easily find, download and upgrade apps in a matter of minutes only.
  • It enhances productivity. By leveraging the cloud, Workspace ONE eliminates the need for laborious, time-consuming hand provisioning for every device, in turn freeing up your IT team to focus on other value-adding tasks that will improve the business. VMware Workspace ONE also enables a ready-to-work experience, allowing your remote team to work right away without having to wait for hours downloading essential settings and apps.
  • It features intrinsic security. Endpoint security is paramount with a distributed workforce, whose remote nature greatly expands the attack surface for malicious actors. Workspace ONE counteracts this with built-in real-time, zero-trust security that validates every user and device and grants access only on an as-needed basis. Critically, over-the-air configuration enables security policies to be delivered and updated when needed.

This is a different time for the world of work, and from an IT perspective, businesses need a modern approach to give employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere using the devices and apps of their choice, all without sacrificing security or control. And that’s exactly what VMware Workspace ONE offers.

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