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Luokung’s Digital Twin Intelligent Highway Management and Control Platform Passes Expressway Operation Inspection and Expert Committee Review
August 4, 2022 News


Luokung Technology Corp., a leading spatial-temporal intelligent big data services company and provider of interactive location-based services (LBS) and high-definition maps (HD Maps) in China, has announced that its independently developed digital twin visualised highway management and control platform has passed the road operation inspection for a pilot demonstration project on the Shanghai-Wuhan Expressway. The platform also passed the review by members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and traffic safety related area experts, which ruled that the platform, as a product, has reached the international advanced level, significantly improving the efficiency of highway safety operation management and driving safety.

The platform incorporates Luokung’s patented technology, intelligent digital monitoring and early warning system for severe weather conditions, based on HD Maps, satellite imaging and other holographic spatial-temporal data. Combined with visualisation Deep Learning algorithms, the platform aims to achieve complete all-weather all-day coverage and attains high-precision detection and real-time early warning for low visibility and severe weather conditions such as thick fog.

During a four-month pilot demonstration project that began on the 8th of February 2022, Luokung’s platform and its patented solution was applied on the Shanghai-Wuhan Expressway (G4221), a key section of the national expressway network called the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The platform achieved a forecast and monitoring accuracy rate of 100%, subsequently passing the review by the expert committee organised by Anhui Traffic Control Construction Management Co., Ltd, the operating department of the Anhui section of the Shanghai-Wuhan Expressway.

At the expert review meeting of “Research on Precise Management and Control Scheme Based on Meteorological Data Analysis” hosted on on the 22nd of July 2022, the Committee stated: “Luokung’s system combines the concept of meteorological visibility with specific application scenarios of expressways and creatively uses existing video surveillance facilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and other technologies to provide real-time visibility broadcasts and fog monitoring on expressways. It is a cost-effective solution that has reached the international advanced level and can be considered a pioneer product both domestically and internationally.”

Shanlin Yang, an expert in management science and information systems engineering at CAE and was part of the Committee, commented: “This technical solution solves a significant issue of long-term inaccuracy and tardiness of monitoring fog using conventional observation and meteorological satellites in the transportation field. I believe this new platform will increase our ability to monitor expressways and improve safety for drivers and passengers.”

Xuesong Song, Chairman and CEO at Luokung, stated, “Based on our digital twin technology, Luokung digitally and dynamically visualises all spatial and temporal elements and scenes on the expressway, introducing a digital twin product. The severe weather digital intelligent monitoring and early warning system, one of the key scene-level innovative solutions provided on the platform, addresses a major pain point for monitoring road conditions in severe weather globally through digitalised meteorological monitoring, AI accurate identification and advance notifications. According to China Climate Bulletin, severe weather conditions are the primary factor affecting the safe operation of the road network, with an impact ratio of 45%, and thick fog being one of the most unpredictable factors.

With the introduction of this platform, Luokung is providing a smart transportation solutions product to improve expressway operation and management safety and efficiency, while increasing the passing rate of vehicles. We are optimistic that this product will become an important commercialisation project in the field of next-generation smart transportation services. We believe this presents us with a unique competitive advantage to seize a greater market share in the expressway smart services market.”