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Meesho Chooses Juniper Networks’ AI-driven SD-WAN Solution


Meesho has selected Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solution powered by Session Smart™ Routing (SSR) and the Juniper Mist Cloud. The innovations will drive the network connectivity of  Meesho’s partner call centres across multiple locations nationwide. It will also lead to significantly improved uptime for Meesho’s voice over IP applications.

Meesho is India’s only true e-commerce marketplace. It has gained popularity among digital consumers and retailers alike by making online selling and shopping hassle-free and affordable. It is the fastest ever ecommerce business to acquire over 100 million users in India. So, it is critical for Meesho to ensure high service levels and customer satisfaction. It also needs to provide timely responses to all incoming queries from its sellers and end-users. Doing so are critical to remain competitive within the country’s burgeoning ecommerce sector.

In this regard, the operation of their partner call centres are integral to the business. Thus, Meesho required a high-performing SD-WAN solution that could provide greater agility and scalability to support its Voice over IP applications. That is why they chose Juniper networks, a leader in secure, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven networks. It is the only visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SD-WAN. Its industry-leading SD-WAN solution powered by SSR is designed to improve user and application experiences. It can also enable more seamless connectivity and security. Juniper optimised and secured the network performance of Meesho’s outsourced partners through tunnel-free architecture.

With Juniper’s session-smart approach to SD-WAN, calls would seamlessly be routed to the next available connection without any disruption. This balances traffic over the MPLS and broadband internet links based on session policies and network status. It also enables IP voice calls priority over other call centre applications. The reliability and success of Juniper’s solutions were validated when Meesho held their biggest yearly online sale. That sale saw an almost 30% increase in overall call volume. Yet Meesho witnessed a significant increase in its call retention rate without experiencing any issues.

In short, Juniper’s experience-first approach to networking significantly improved uptime. As such, Meesho transformed its service experience to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“With Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solutions, we have not only achieved an overall increase in call volume and retention rates, but we have also managed to build a service-centric network that allows us to unlock new levels of growth while strengthening our customer relationships,” said Ismail Mohideen, Director of IT at Meesho. “Through our partnership with Juniper, we believe we are one step closer to realizing our vision of democratizing internet commerce, all while achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and business momentum.”

 Sajan Paul, Managing Director & Country Manager, India & SAARC, at Juniper Networks, added: “Juniper Networks is pleased to play a key role in Meesho’s vision of making ecommerce accessible to all in India . . .  With our simplified AI-driven approach to SD-WAN, we are confident of providing high-powered and more reliable call center performance through a seamless and more secure network experience. Our Session Smart routing technology is helping Meesho to harness the power of a cloud delivered call center with superior quality voice capabilities and AI-driven insights.