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MNOs Still in Discussions on 5G Reference Access Offer
April 11, 2022 News


 Celcom Axiata Berhad, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, Maxis Berhad and U Mobile Sdn Bhd (“MNOs”) have yet to agree key terms in the Reference Access Offer (“RAO”) that was recently published by Digital Nasional Berhad (“DNB”), and see reaching agreement with DNB and MCMC on this as a key step before discussion of commercial Access Agreements can commence. To that end, the MNOs remain in discussions with MCMC to seek more clarity on some of the details in the published RAO. A recent analyst report may be read as suggesting that open topics between DNB and DNB’s key prospective customers had been resolved, but this interpretation would be inaccurate.

The MNOs are of the view that a majority of concerns and issues previously raised and discussed with MCMC and DNB have not yet been adequately addressed in the current document, including key principles proposed for the RAO to be consistent with industry best practices. As a result, the RAO in its current published form will not enable affordable and quality 5G services for the rakyat and businesses in Malaysia, and will impede the acceleration of 5G services and penetration in the country.

The MNOs remain committed to continued discussions with MCMC and the industry on the

RAO, and look forward to playing an active role in 5G implementation in line with the nation’s digital ambitions. 5G will bring significant benefits to businesses, customers, and Government in strengthening Malaysia’s competitiveness in the region.