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New Relic Launches Service Level Management
April 7, 2022 News


New Relic, the observability company, has announced the general availability of a first-of-its-kind service level management experience to empower developers, operators and executives to operationalise SRE best practices to maintain system uptime and reliability. The new experience includes one-click Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) setup, powerful recommendations to customise metrics, unified health reports and alerting for SLO compliance, error budget tracking and more. New Relic customers can use service level management without any additional costs or licences, as it is included with the all-in-one New Relic One observability platform. This launch further improves upon the 3X+ more value that New Relic customers receive compared to other observability platforms, which require 13+ different SKUs with disjointed experiences and legacy host-based pricing models.

Enterprises are aggressively adopting agile development, DevOps, CI/CD and pipeline automation practices to increase software delivery velocity. The consequence of speeding up, however, is that each software release comes with the risk of impacting an organisation’s goals of customer experience, availability, performance or other business KPIs. To sustainably increase release velocity and adopt SRE best practices, teams are faced with three main challenges. First, teams are hindered by a lack of knowledge of which system metrics are most impactful to business performance. Second, it takes months to get multiple teams to implement standardised SLO and SLI based monitoring. Third, teams are often required to track service levels with manual processes and ad hoc tooling, rather than a comprehensive, easy-to-use product experience. New Relic service level management addresses these challenges by giving every development team a one-click option to set up and track their SLI and SLO metrics. Each team’s setup is relevant to the services they manage, yet in a consistent report familiar to engineering leaders and executives who manage multiple teams.

“Our mission is to help every engineer do their best work based on data, not opinions. With service level management in New Relic One, we’re empowering engineers to adopt and operationalise the industry best practices in SRE and Devops—making standardised reliability and uptime measurement a critical part of the entire software development lifecycle,” said Bill Staples, CEO at New Relic. “Feedback from developers, operations and even executives at companies who have used this capability in preview has been overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to all our customers adopting this capability and realising more value from their investment in New Relic for all their observability needs.”

“Our technology is behind every major sporting federation and organisation around the world. We are first and foremost a technology organisation, adopting bleeding-edge solutions such as Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to deliver the best sports technology and products possible,” said Scott Dunbar, Global Head of DevOps Engineering at Sportradar. “With service level management in New Relic One, our teams, from SRE all the way up to the C-Suite, can become autonomous while tracking and reporting on a consistent set of metrics, providing the company with a holistic view of our complex portfolio of products and services.”

“At Zip Co, our payments platform relies on best-of-breed technology to create a strong digital customer experience. Our engineering teams define and measure service level indicators and objectives as part of our Site Reliability Engineering practice to provide the best experience for our customers and partners,” said Andrew Myers, Senior Engineering Manager, SRE at Zip Co. “The New Relic service level management solution makes it very easy to do this with a simple and easy to understand interface to help us track error budgets.”

New Relic’s service level management experience includes:

  • One-click setup. Create SLIs in one click and automatically establish a baseline of desired performance and reliability for SLO compliance.
  • Guided configuration. Use recommendations powered by historical data to establish benchmarks and customise and configure SLIs and SLOs.
  • SLO/SLI automation and organisation. Set service boundaries and track reliability across teams based on automatic benchmarks, tags, reports, bespoke views for both service owners and business leaders, and automation via Terraform.
  • Unified reporting and alerting. Monitor and alert on SLI attainment, SLO compliance metrics and error budgets in a unified, transparent dashboard. Tie these measurements back to customer-facing SLAs to ensure compliance and reduce risk.
  • Free access. All service level management capabilities are available for New Relic customers with full platform access for no additional cost.

Service level management in New Relic One is now generally available across all regions as part of the New Relic One platform—the only all-in-one observability platform with a secure telemetry cloud, powerful full-stack analysis tools and predictable consumption pricing instead of disjointed SKU bundles. All existing customers can access this new capability without any additional cost as part of their New Relic One account. New customers can sign up and start using the experience for free, no credit card needed. For more information, visit