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NGT’s AI Platform YOTTA Officially Enters Public Testing in Hong Kong


NextGen Tech (NGT), a leading technology service company in Hong Kong with a pioneering advantage in Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced that YOTTA has officially entered public testing to provide technology service. YOTTA was developed by NGT’s core AI technology team and is the first integrated and fully smart AI application system in Hong Kong.

The trial phase primarily targets enterprise users, promoting and assisting them to promptly adapt and implement business process automation, enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs. The long-term prospect of it all is to drive the digital transformation of local businesses.

YOTTA is a pioneering and practical AI solution with practical, intelligent and innovative features. Drawing on the highest international standards of AI operations, the NGT team has combined global best practices with local insights to create an AI solution that “caters specifically to the usage habit of Hong Kong users.”

YOTTA can efficiently process and filter vast amounts of data, completing routine tasks and production processes according to precise market demands and personal user instructions. This helps to optimise human resources and cost structures, while helping users make informed decisions. This AI platform records and analyses existing business performance indicators, then compares them to ideal scenarios to offer timely and relevant advice on strategy adjustments, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and driving business success.

Personalised Intelligent System Brings the Best Customer Service Experience

According to the NGT official information, YOTTA can recommend personalised products or services to target users and customers by using AI technology to analyse their specific preferences. It can also suggest appropriate music, movies, books, and exhibitions based on user preference. Users can use its intelligent search function to access more information.

The built-in search engine has been upgraded with AI technology, significantly improving the relevance and accuracy of search results, with faster search speed and more abundant content display. The intelligent customer service system that derives from this mechanism can automatically answer customer questions and provide corresponding technical support after exploring particular situations. Meanwhile, YOTTA continues to learn and enhance its natural language processing (NLP) logic to empower its cognitive abilities to provide users with more reliable and tailored services.

Automating Business Processes

Harnessing NGT’s advanced proprietary algorithms and data analysis advancement, YOTTA’s AI technology integration can be widely applied in fields such as software, web and mobile applications. It is capable of achieving task and process automation, providing personalised recommendations and improving overall operational efficiency. Common manifestations of YOTTA’s AI technology include:

  • Chatbots that can simulate conversations, handle user queries and support customer service.
  • Recommendation Engines that benefit from Machine Learning algorithms to learn user preferences and behaviours and then apply them to various scenarios, including e-commerce, content streaming and social media
  • Predictive Analytics Tools that provide general predictions by analysing large datasets, covering areas such as finance, healthcare and supply chain optimisation.

For general industries, AI technology can significantly facilitate or supplant the processing of repetitive and cumbersome mechanical tasks, such as template writing, spreadsheet creation, information collection and organisation, data and document classification and management, basic modelling and programming code writing. YOTTA’s language processing model adopts automated chatbots and virtual assistants to handle question-and-answer tasks, which can efficiently reduce customer service costs and improve user experience.

In addition, YOTTA’s analysis model can be used in the early stage of digital marketing to analyse the consumption emotions of target customers through social media, generate high-quality marketing content and then carry out personalised push campaigns. Nowadays, in the e-commerce-dominated retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) markets, using YOTTA’s AI models can not only recommend products to consumers but also provide businesses with the greatest benefit of automating inventory management and inventory count and sorting, as well as strengthening fraud monitoring and warning in online transactions.

The launch and trial of YOTTA entirely demonstrate NGT’s professionalism and proficiency in developing and delivering cutting-edge AI products and related services. It showcases the core team’s deep understanding and adept use of this emerging technology logic. In the future, NGT will maintain its passion for researching and investing in the field of technological innovation, continuously iterating its understanding and refining its products to provide customers with excellent innovative technology services and state-of-the-art concepts.

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