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NICE Delivers RPA Benefits for Organisations to Quickly Power Their Business
November 6, 2020 News


Organisations globally have been impacted by dynamic changes in recent months and are in critical need of efficiencies in delivering the service their customers demand at the rapid pace and excellent quality they expect. To answer this need in helping organisations quickly power their business with the benefits that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers, NICE announced a new commercial offer, named ‘The Easiest Decision You’ll Make This Year’, providing unattended RPA robots at no cost or commitment for a two-year period. Its strong financial standing and innovation-driven portfolio place NICE in a unique position to bring this commercial RPA offer to market. This opportunity allows organisations to quickly adopt or expand process automations across their business to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and drive service excellence even with a remote workforce and while keeping the cost of ownership low.

The advantages offered by RPA to the bottom line are widely accepted around the world. RPA offers a lifeline that enables organisations to overcome them in today’s post-pandemic environment where organisations are struggling to address business-critical operational and service-related challenges. Fabrizio Biscotti, Research Vice President at Gartner confirms this in his report, “Forecast Analysis: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide.” In a press release discussing the report, he stated “The key driver for RPA projects is their ability to improve process quality, speed and productivity, each of which is increasingly important as organisations try to meet the demands of cost reduction during COVID-19. Enterprises can quickly make headway on their digital optimisation initiatives by investing in RPA software, and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.”

The new commercial offer by NICE provides unattended robots at no charge or commitment for a period of two years. Organisations can choose to continue for a third year at a significant discount on robot pricing. Businesses can easily take the decision to adopt RPA now or scale automation across more areas of the business by removing license costs from the equation, , gaining the benefits at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Barry Cooper, NICE Enterprise Group President, said, “This is a time when organisations are most in need of efficiency and ensuring service excellence not just because their business requires it but because their customers need it. Our strong financial position enables us to help businesses with their digital optimisation initiatives and keep their operations on track during these challenging times. With this offer, organisations can power their business to provide better, faster service even as employees work remotely – without the risk or high costs.”