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NTT Deploys Intra-Mart’s Capabilities in Hong Kong, Launches New Digital Transformation Solution


NTT Ltd., a leading global IT infrastructure and services company, has launched in Hong Kong a new digital transformation (DX) solution with consultancy services based on the successful business process platform (BPM) intra-mart; owned by NTT Data. Offering full-stack technology capabilities and consultancy services, NTT aims to help businesses achieve continuity within their rapidly growing IT estate. This includes identification of bottlenecks, implementation of best practices, continuous performance monitoring and optimisation.

Digital transformation helps enterprises stay operational and resilient. Despite an ever-expanding portfolio of applications, organisations continue to rely on manual processes, fragmented enterprise data and siloed applications to manage their daily operations.

NTT addresses these challenges by providing one common platform for process orchestration and data management, which allows businesses to connect their systems, people, and processes together. A key benefit of the platform is its flexibility to digitalise, automate and reengineer business processes and system architecture with relative ease, efficiency and cost benefits.

”We are pleased with the response that intra-mart has received in other markets, with 8,900 companies and 200 partners using the platform in Japan and the APAC region. With its highly flexible model, intra-mart has been adapted to various industries, from insurance and financial services to manufacturing and retail,” said Luis Ohri, Corporate Senior Vice President & Head of Global Business, NTT Data Intra-Mart.

“For businesses to stay competitive, their digital transformation can be made more effective through business process reengineering. For Hong Kong enterprises, particularly the financial sectors who are facing increasingly stringent requirements on corporate governance, digital technologies can streamline business process management and empower the enterprises with data analytic, resulting in enhanced visibility and cost-efficiency,” said Adam Kwan, Associate Director, Smart City Solutions, at NTT Ltd. “NTT Data and NTT Ltd.’s merger earlier this year will enhance our service capabilities to empower clients with technologically sound tools and systems, so that they can stay focused on their business growth and compete more effectively.”

Following the launch in Hong Kong, there are plans for the platform to be rolled out in Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and across the remaining APAC markets in the coming months.

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