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NVIDIA Announces Two Sets of Advanced AI Offerings for Enterprises
June 25, 2021 News


NVIDIA expanded its AI offerings and announced two new programs to provide enterprises with the ability to deploy AI models without investing in infrastructure – NVIDIA Fleet Command and NVIDIA AI Launchpad. The NVIDIA Fleet Command, managed edge AI services platform, helps companies solve the problem of securely deploying and managing AI applications on NVIDIA-Certified Systems across thousands of locations.

NVIDIA Fleet Command’s remote management software enables businesses to securely roll out and manage their AI applications without sacrificing the real-time processing of edge computing. The platform is designed to ease a company’s IT burden and helps to standardise AI everywhere by letting users quickly install, update and manage software from a central location.

According to Manuvir Das, head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA, as we move towards the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the ability to deploy and manage AI applications at the edge is one of the most complex problems facing businesses today. But with NVIDIA’s Fleet Command, it can drive efficiency across a business, helping scale edge AI with unprecedented speed.

As soon as you install the program, the platform allows administrators to add or delete applications, update system software over the air, and monitor the health of devices spread across vast distances.

Early adopters of the Fleet Command include the world’s leading retail, healthcare and logistics companies and the speciality software companies that work with them.

Speaking of retail, Bollore Logistics, a top 10 retail logistics company with more than 700 distributions centres worldwide, is shifting to use AI to improve the accuracy and speed of order fulfilment in its distribution centres. The company is implementing a solution from NVIDIA partners Dematic and Osaro, using Fleet Command to deploy and manage AI applications across various locations.

“Fleet Command provides a unified approach for secured deployment and management of computing resources at scale, including hardware resources provisioning, deployment automation and monitoring. And it provides integration with NVIDIA GPU Cloud — a single global and private registry for application containers and DNN models,” said German Suvorov, Head of Industrial AI at Data Monsters. “All these features enable seamless scaling of our edge AI applications over a network of manufacturing sites globally.”

Instant AI Infrastructure for Enterprises

NVIDIA announced the second program called the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad, a comprehensive program delivered through hybrid-cloud providers that give enterprises instant access to NVIDIA-powered infrastructure and software to streamline the entire AI life cycle.

Equinix will be the first in the AI LaunchPad program to provide NVIDIA-powered hybrid-cloud solutions worldwide on Platform Equinix. The Equinix infrastructure can deploy in minutes, allowing enterprises to access an entire spectrum of NVIDIA resources that support virtually every feature of AI, from the data centre training and inference to full-scale deployment at the edge.

With AI LaunchPad, Equinix customers can develop advanced AI on NVIDIA DGX SuperPODs managed by NVIDIA Base Command Platform, an AI development hub. Not only that, but enterprises will also be able to use Base Command Platform on NVIDIA-Certified Systems from leading manufacturers, including Dell Technologies and Lenovo. Additionally, customers can securely deploy and manage AI applications across distributed edge infrastructure at Equinix with the NVIDIA Fleet Command managed cloud service — connected to NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

“Today’s enterprises are looking for a simple, comprehensive solution that provides instant access to the resources they need to build and deploy AI with ease. NVIDIA AI LaunchPad puts AI at the fingertips of enterprises everywhere with fully automated, hybrid-cloud infrastructure and software for every stage of the AI lifecycle,” Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA said.

To build accurate AI models, applications need to access multiple external data sources that are spread across public clouds and private enterprise data centres. So, by using AI LaunchPad at an interconnected hub like Equinix, enterprises will be able to leverage secure, high-speed access via Equinix Fabric to an ecosystem of companies that operate their digital infrastructure at Equinix.

“Many industries use private clouds to keep costs down by having computing resources close to the data, for performance, data privacy, ownership and sovereignty reasons,” said Steve Stienhilber, Vice President of Business Development at Equinix. “With NVIDIA AI LaunchPad globally available at Equinix, enterprises will have immediate access to NVIDIA software and NVIDIA-Certified infrastructure in a comprehensive hybrid-cloud solution.”