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Robotic Takeover: Warehouse Automation Platform WoodTrees Elevates Business Inventory Management to Spur IR4.0
November 18, 2021 News


Warehouse automation platform, WoodTrees, deploys to transform Malaysia’s traditional production plants and warehouses into fully or semi-automated entities. Offering a wide range of services that includes designing, developing and delivering professional automation solutions to warehouses, WoodTrees looks to spur Malaysia’s growth amidst Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

As package and shipping demands are set to increase year-on-year, the global warehouse automation market is expected to expand over USD $69 billion by 2025. However, in Malaysia, the industry is still experiencing a lag when compared to other regional players. Although demand for automation has been on the rise, stumbling blocks such as lack of know-how and cost are still a barrier to a more widespread adoption.

To address these gaps while meeting local demand, WoodTrees is on a mission to drive the automation wave here in Malaysia’s warehousing sector. Through its Warehouse Management System (WMS), the platform allows businesses to manage inventory volumes seamlessly and transparently, simplifying workflow within their warehouses via a single user-friendly dashboard. Meanwhile, the platform’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) allows employees to control in-warehouse elements like a ‘traffic cop’, ensuring optimal storage conditions throughout the year.

Warehouses would be able to automate manual processes, capture data and analytics and conduct inventory control. On the other hand, WoodTrees automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) solution automates low-value and repetitive tasks of inventory storage and retrieval, resulting in benefits such as improving content organisation, tracking of products, reduction in errors and more.

“Warehouse automation is a key element to improving business performance and productivity. The market is growing at a rapid pace, and technology is becoming a defining factor that separates innovators from stagnant businesses. In a traditional warehouse, you can find items of various sizes scattered across the floor. Picking, sorting and storing these items manually may take hours. But, with our easily implementable solutions, warehouse operations can become more efficient, and less time and cost-consuming. Ultimately, this results in faster fulfilment and overall improvements in supply chain management”, said Gan Soon Kiat, Founder of and Managing Director at WoodTrees.

Revolutionising Supply Chain Management Through Automated Warehouse Operations

Malaysia is in the midst of transforming the local manufacturing sector to focus on high-value added and knowledge-intensive products. The warehouse industry, under IR4.0, is all about using technology to enhance key processes involved in operations.

“At WoodTrees, we foresee a future where technology like the WMS will be the nerve centre of a warehouse, collecting data and sending out instructions to an army of autonomous, semi-autonomous and mobile platforms. In the wake of COVID-19, it is crucial for warehouses across the nation to embrace technology that is highly adaptable for not only improved business performance but also continued business survival,” added Soon Kiat

To encourage the adoption of technology among the industry players, WoodTrees also provides businesses with unlimited user licenses without any yearly renewable cost, per implementation site, attractive discounts, and staff training and support. In addition, businesses are able to benefit from services such as consulting, project and system implementation and 24-hour customer support, uniquely tailored to their respective processes and industry. To date, Woodtrees has partnered with notable market brands including ECO SHOP, CPF Food and Beverage Company Limited, and TOYOTA Assembly.

Realising the high growth potential in Malaysia and the region, the company aims to expand its footprint by 700% (in terms of revenue) over the next five years, establishing itself as a one-stop-shop of intralogistics automation system integration for businesses.

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