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Sandbox Spins Off From Alphabet
March 25, 2022 News


Written by: Shamsul Haziq, Journalist, AOPG.

Sandbox, a quantum technology group in Google aka Alphabet Inc. has now gone independent from them. Jack Hidary was hired in 2016 as the leader of this group and is now leading the charge as Sandbox’s CEO.

They are now known as Sandbox AQ with AQ standing for AI and quantum. This was reflected by a statement from Hidary, “In addition to cybersecurity, quantum tech and AI working together have a powerful compound effect we call AQ.”

What services do they offer? In a nutshell, they aim to develop quantum AI solutions based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for financial companies, healthcare, computer security, the U.S. government and IT sectors.  Their focus is on creating infrastructure on a global scale in Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning combined with quantum technologies in the form of services and applications.

As a quantum tech company, Sandbox already has an impressive list of investors and clients.  Breyer Capital, Eric Schmidt, Thomas Tull (Founder & CEO of Tulco, LLC), TIME Ventures and First Light Capital Group are just a few investors to name.

Here is acclaim from Breyer Capital “At Breyer Capital, we believe that the convergence of AI and quantum technologies will transform industries in profound ways,” Breyer stated. “Jack Hidary is one of the brightest minds in quantum… his approach to delivering quantum and AI solutions leveraging today’s high-performance computing is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Another one of their notable investors, Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, has high praise for Sandbox AQ and Hidary, “Jack [Hidary] is emulating the way harnessed the cloud computing era and applying it to the quantum technology era.” Possibly pointing out Sandbox as the next big thing after Salesforce perhaps.

This Californian-based company in Palo Alto currently has 55 employees. Packing an impressive line-up of workers that consisted of engineers, scientists, and technologists with expertise in AI, ML, physics, chemistry, neuroscience, cryptography, mathematics, and other subjects to invent multiple solutions in correlation with quantum tech.

In addition, Sandbox did not miss the opportunity to invest in PhD students and postgraduates from leading universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Yale. They are known to train students from top-heavy institutions.