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SAS and TMA Solutions Announce Partnership to Empower Businesses in Vietnam with AI and Data Analytics
October 19, 2020 News


SAS and TMA Solutions announced their partnership to accelerate the growth of businesses in Vietnam through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics.

The partnership between SAS and TMA will deliver analytics solutions in AI and Data Analytics to businesses in Vietnam through its cloud-native analytics platform that will provide business insights for decision-making.

SAS analytics platform, SAS Viya, connects the analytics ecosystem, orchestrating and accelerating analytics activities, commencing with data to discovery, to deployment of analytics models. TMA will be responsible for solutions consulting, design solutions, developing prototypes and projects, from business ideas to implementation and maintenance as a local consulting and training partner.

SAS and TMA will help clients in Vietnam accelerate the adoption and growth of advanced analytics and find new ways to drive innovation in AI through this collaboration, specifically in the areas of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other technologies.

“We are glad to partner with TMA to help businesses in Vietnam through advanced analytics. With Vietnam’s rapid digital transformation, a growing tech-savvy population and the huge volumes of data sets generated by businesses in the country, there is vast potential for growth of analytics. Analytics can help provide insights to deliver business value, empowering better decisions for companies across sectors in manufacturing, banking and insurance, retail and more,” said Shyam Baddepudi, Head of Alliances and Channels, Asia Pacific at SAS.

“Through this partnership we are able to leverage on the expertise of SAS to provide Vietnamese businesses the ability to leverage on data analytics capabilities to be more data-driven. This is part of our strategy to offer Vietnamese businesses an innovative approach in utilising technology to remain competitive and relevant,” said Hong Tran, Vice President, Business Development of TMA.