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Sensatag Joins UnaBiz to Reach Global Asset Tracking Markets
February 24, 2022 News


UnaBiz, a massive IoT service provider, recently announced that it has acquired Sensatag, a provider of low-cost and low-power industrial IoT tracking solutions for non-powered mobile assets. The acquisition is strategic for both parties as UnaBiz will benefit from Sensatag’s extensive asset tracking experience, while Sensatag can leverage UnaBiz know-how as a scaling platform to extend its product and services offerings to global markets, starting with APAC.

“Sensatag is a veteran 0G solution provider with a good track record in the European IoT market. We are pleased to welcome Sensatag into the UnaBiz group since asset tracking is one of the highest growth segments in the IoT market and an integral part of UnaBiz’s massive IoT vision,” said Henri Bong, Co-Founder of and Co-CEO at UnaBiz.

Sensatag product portfolio includes best in class hybrid tracking technologies such as Wi-Fi, GPS and Sigfox, a 0G global network. UnaBiz will extend the portfolio with more technologies such as Bluetooth, LTE-M and NB-IoT, aggregated on its data platform UnaConnect, to create access to more markets.

Nicholas Van Hoey Smith, Founder of and CEO at Sensatag, shared: “Since we started, Sensatag has connected tens of thousands of assets across Europe with simple and cost-effective solutions. I believe it is now time to dream bigger by joining UnaBiz, a group that effectively demonstrated its ability to connect millions of devices worldwide. It is a recommitment of our continued support and sustained delivery to all our customers and partners at a global scale.”

“We believe that our greater purpose is to create value for the IoT ecosystem. By leveraging our capabilities in hardware, software and networking integration, supply chain management, manufacturing, operational rollout and market reach, IoT solution providers will scale at a much faster and more reliable pace,” Henri added.

Expansion is on the cards for Sensatag post-acquisition. Both teams have already successfully integrated some of Sensatag’s know-how to custom design and deploy over 120,000 trackers in the APAC market. The team is now focused on the Returnable-Transportation-Assets (RTA) vertical which has seen significant growth in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.