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Shell and Porsche Launch the First Regional Cross-Border High-Performance Charging Network in Southeast Asia
January 14, 2022 News


Written by: Muhammad Zulhusni, Journalist, AOPG.

Shell and Porsche Asia Pacific have launched the first regional cross-border High-Performance Charging (HPC) network in Southeast Asia. With the start of operations of an HPC station in Tangkak, Johor, at the Shell Recharge High-Performance Charging Network Virtual Launch held yesterday, customers will soon (later this year) be able to charge their electric cars (EV) swiftly along Malaysia’s North-South Highway and ensure a safe and seamless journey from Singapore to Thailand.

“Building on our existing Shell recharge network in Singapore, we’re now launching the first of our six Shell recharge high-performance charging stations in Malaysia. EV drivers can now look forward to assured speed, range, and connectivity across the Singapore and Malaysia border,” said Amr Adel, Senior Vice President, Shell Mobility East during the launch.

Together with Porsche, he added that Shell is offering the most convenient high-performance charging experience to customers across the region, redefining EV charging and paving the way for cleaner mobility solutions. All EV consumers will benefit from this infrastructure, which will allow them to cut charging time, book appointments, and pay for them all on one platform.

Even though it is widely understood that electric vehicles can help to decrease the impact of global warming by using cleaner technology and phasing out greenhouse gas emissions, Malaysia is still falling behind in the worldwide EV adoption race.

Therefore, Seow Lee Ming, General Manager, Shell Mobility Malaysia & Singapore, stated that governments will have to play an essential role in helping to shape demand, using mandates where needed, creating the right climate for investment, and helping steer society towards low-carbon and renewable energy.

“We are supportive of the current mandate from the government in accelerating these initiatives,” she said. “At Shell, we are committed to our purpose to power progress by providing more and cleaner energy solutions.”

She added that Shell expects the EV market in Southeast Asia to grow quickly in less than 20 years as it works to bring the future of mobility closer with its recharge high-performance charging network. In order for countries in Southeast Asia to attain carbon neutrality by 2040, all new car sales would have to be 100% electric vehicles.

Shell also seeks to ease EV connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia, and they plan to expand into Thailand as well, in order to encourage EV adoption in the region.

In making that a reality, Shell is expanding its charging infrastructure rollout in order to become the leading private e-mobility operator in these markets. Because of their collaboration with Porsche, six Shell stations in Malaysia will be equipped with 180 kilowatts (kW) direct-current (DC) chargers, providing the fastest charging capacity in Malaysia and eventually up to Bangkok, Thailand.

Shell’s new 180 kW high-performance chargers can charge electric vehicles at lightning speeds, cutting charging time in half. “How does it compare to standard 50 kW DC chargers? You won’t have to wait hours for a good charge, for one thing. You can charge the Porsche Taycan, [for example], from 0% to 80% battery capacity in 30 minutes at a Shell Recharge High-Performance Charging Station, giving you up to 390 kilometres of range,” she stated.

The HPC Network will be available to all EV consumers as a pay-per-use service or an exclusive membership plan, with reservations made through an online booking app. They will also be able to take a break while waiting for their vehicles to be recharged at Shell Select retail locations.

“Decarbonisation is a global challenge that requires broad-reaching, multi-faceted solutions,” said Amr. “Our partnership with Porsche in meeting the needs of EV customers today is an important initiative under our Powering Progress strategy to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Together with Porsche, we’ll be working to improve the EV charging experience along a key travel artery connecting three countries in the region.”

“At Porsche, we are committed to driving the future of mobility in Southeast Asia, as we pursue a carbon neutral balance sheet across our entire value chain by the year 2030. Our partnership with Shell is a result of well-aligned sustainability objectives and will further supplement our range of charging solutions for electric vehicle owners, with specific benefits accorded to Porsche owners. With this new high-performance charging network, we are making what was once a vision – long-distance, cross-border emissions-free travel – now a reality,” said Dr Henrik Dreier, Director New Business Fields, Porsche Asia Pacific.