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The Ideas for Low-Code-A-Thon Are Here, And They Are Diverse and Exciting
November 15, 2021 Blog


The grandest of things all have one thing in common: Each started out as an idea—sometimes sensational and specific to begin with, other times broad but bold nonetheless. There are even instances when an idea starts out as vague, only for the finer details to come later on, often in droves, to crystalise into something feasible and doable.

With that being said, consider the seeds of something great being planted, as several groups and individuals have pitched their ideas for apps that might potentially become game-changers across a range of industries in the near- or long-term future.

These app ideas are for the world’s first-ever Low-Code-A-Thon, an app-making competition using the JET Workflow Low-Code Cloud Platform. This one of a kind competition is co-organised by Disruptive Tech Asia; JET Workflow, 7-Network’s flagship software that enables users to create mobile apps easily, and Sunway University, Malaysia’s leading, not-for-profit private university and a pioneer in quality education.

The best part is that these ideas have interesting use cases and might prove extremely useful in different industries. For example, Grouptwentyone is proposing a networking app for people looking to find jobs in the field of technology. Tentatively named Foci, this app will match an individual to a job opening that suits his or her skills, educational background and other qualifications. To do so, Foci will incorporate filtering and sorting options in order to make the browsing process through skills and specific projects as seamless as possible.

Apps, of course, can be used in any number of ways. Another idea is to assist companies in their digital transformation journeys. That is exactly the idea behind TurboTec, as proposed by Team Amigo. This app-in-development aims to make project and task tracking easier and deliver and promote the concept of task management to corporations that need a simple and affordable task management instrument.

Apart from tracking business-related projects and tasks, apps can also be niche-based and used for highly specific purposes, as is the case with Team Blue Bird’s Book Placer. This app helps librarians update their library’s book records, which is arduous, time-consuming, boring and repetitive. Book Placer resolves these issues, enabling library personnel to be more efficient and freeing them up to do more value-adding tasks.

Underscoring the diversity of ideas passed along for Low-Code-A-Thon is Team Ace’s app proposal UN1TE, an app that can be used by nonprofits and volunteer groups to ensure optimised resource management such that those who need assistance receive exactly the help they need. UN1TE provides users with a form, from which they can identify from a predetermined list of essentials whatever they may need. And to make sure only deserving families get aid, this app also includes a verification process, thus deterring fraud.

Team Purple’s proposal, meanwhile, is shall we say, Tesco-centric, as it specifically has retail company Tesco in mind. The app, TescoLab, is an all-in-one solution to solve Tesco’s pressing issues, like the shutdown of physical stores, insufficient and unhelpful customer service, negative reviews on staff performance and inefficiencies due to highly manual tasks. The solutions the app offers include enhancing customer service via a platform to voice their concerns, continuous monitoring and evaluation of employee performance, social media marketing and automation of repetitive tasks.

The ideas outlined above are just five several exciting ones proposed for Low-Code-A-Thon. And if they are any indication, the world’s first-ever app-making competition using low-code will be a resounding success, with a variety of useful apps set created by students who are not actually coders.

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