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VisualCortex and i-PRO Collaborate for Enterprise-Wide Computer Vision Technology Deployments in APAC
August 5, 2022 News


VisualCortex, the video intelligence platform connecting computer vision’s potential to real-world business outcomes, has partnered with i-PRO, a  global leader of advanced sensing technologies for Intelligent Surveillance and Public Safety, to streamline end-to-end deployment for enterprise-wide video analytics solutions within the Asia Pacific region.

The partnership pairs VisualCortex’s video intelligence software and Machine Learning Model Store with i-PRO’s market-leading hardware components, including Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled video surveillance cameras, body and vehicle camera systems, network video recorders and edge devices.

The technology alliance is underpinned by a mutual referral agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, both parties are able to formally recommend each other—as preferred suppliers of computer vision software and hardware—to current and future clients at discounted rates.

VisualCortex CEO and Co-Founder Patrick Elliott said that the i-PRO APAC partnership would help VisualCortex to analyse, identify and improve the quality of video streams captured, which is an important challenge encountered in most computer vision projects.

“The technology partnership with i-PRO APAC allows VisualCortex to test equipment before our customers deploy it,” said Elliott. “This ensures we are ingesting high quality video feeds and delivering optimised outcomes for our customers. The ongoing support that the i-PRO APAC team delivers, to both our development and customer success teams, is essential for delivering high quality results.

“i-PRO ensures that devices used in computer vision engagements can produce the best data outputs possible. This enables VisualCortex to perform better detection and analysis of incidents, while empowering our customers to effectively utilise their video assets and make the best data-driven decisions possible.”

National Sales Manager for i-PRO APAC (Oceania) Matthew Terrey said that the partnership would help organisations harness the power of video as a source of data and analytical insights.

“By addressing both the software and hardware side of the video analytics equation, I’m confident that the VisualCortex – i-PRO APAC technology alliance will push computer vision into the mainstream,” said Terrey. “VisualCortex’s approach enables customers to detect multiple objects and actions, across a range of video sources and systems, within the same platform. By combining that approach with the best AI-enabled devices and configurations, we can produce powerful video-based insights for end-users.”

“Once organisations see the potential and ease with which you can integrate video-based data with other traditional data sources, large multi-purpose, enterprise-grade computer vision deployments will become commonplace. For the first time, we’re making it easy to analyse and act on video footage at scale,” Terrey further said.

“i-PRO are industry leaders in open SDK and AI-enabled video surveillance cameras, sensor technology and edge devices,” said Elliott, who added that partnering with a hardware vendor with expertise beyond traditional CCTV capabilities was also important.. “When VisualCortex’s clients need help optimising existing or configuring and implementing new hardware, i-PRO APAC has the skilled workforce and suite of tools to help deliver outstanding insights.

“With i-PRO APAC, we know that our clients have the hardware and IoT support they need to help make video data actionable in the enterprise.”

Headquartered in Singapore, i-PRO APAC was established as a new entity in April 2022, having previously operated under the name ‘Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions’, as a division of Panasonic Holdings Corporation.