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Weekly Picks: Business Leaders Should Get Informed on Tech Behind Modernisation – That Includes Things Like MySQL
April 4, 2022 Blog


Written by: Andrew Martin, Group Publisher, AOPG.

VMware Launches New Regional Digital Hub to Foster Greater Innovation and Inclusive Growth in Asia

Ok, so I am not sure how CIOs and IT Directors are going to react to the “Zero IT” zone, but it’s a reality we need to face. Managing IT is going away in favour of leveraging IT. The future IT professional will not need to configure and fix things, they will need to help their organisation understand how to harness the power of technology. This hub looks interesting and worth a visit maybe even from people further afield than Singapore to experience, hands-on, how technology is truly transforming business and how the business of technology itself is transforming. Read more about what sounds like an amazing experiential way of learning about technology that powers digital business.


Oracle Reveals a Game-Changing Way for Developers to Add Powerful Machine-Learning Capabilities to their MySQL Applications

Some headlines are guilty of coming across as too “techy” and may not entice anyone but developers and coders to read on. This might come under that category, not many CEOs are likely to want to get their hands as deep into the tech as understanding the databases running their applications. BUT THEY SHOULD. This tech is at the heart of business transformation. Most companies are relying on MySQL in the background of their online services and building AI and ML into your web apps is likely to be easier and cheaper with this announcement. From IT manager to CEO read on!


Lacework Labs Cloud Threat Report Identifies Most Exploited Vulnerabilities Targeting Businesses In the Cloud

The best way to defend yourself against any attack (cyber or otherwise) is to have a good idea of the most likely ways you are going to be targeted. That’s why I always see value in the plethora of security reports released by cybersecurity vendors. It’s especially useful when you see different vendors pointing to the same major vulnerabilities. This research by Lacework Labs is really valuable, and not surprising that the number one issue is still how you set things up – if you misconfigure your cloud settings you leave yourself open for attack.

A lot of other very helpful and useful observations in this piece.


HSBC Working with IBM to Accelerate Quantum Computing Readiness

Quantum computing has been discussed for years, actually seeing it in mainstream use is going to start to happen. If nothing else this article is a reminder of that. If you work in a large enterprise you need to be getting deep into learning what this technology is going to do and how you will be left behind if you don’t get on the train. For the creatives in your organisation, quantum will unleash new possibilities that will make even more of what we imagine become reality.