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Weekly Picks: Replacing Fixed Line Phones With Microsoft Teams? Really?
February 21, 2022 Blog


Written by: Andrew Martin, Group Publisher, AOPG.

NTU Singapore Takes a Step Forward With Microsoft’s Cloud-Based Smart Campus

The thing that reached out and slapped me in the face about this case study is that the university converted 2600 fixed Phone numbers over to Microsoft Teams Phone.

Really? Moving fixed line numbers over to Teams? It’s a brave move.

For me, I still feel the reliability of dedicated VOIP infrastructure outperforms hybrid phone systems in every way.

But this is an interesting development and worth tracking to see if the future of fixed lines will be a wholesale shift over to solutions like Teams, Zoom and the like.


Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform Debuts “Universal EDR” to Optimise Data From Any EDR for Enhanced Speed and Precision in Detecting Attacks

It irks me somewhat that the use of the word “Open” when it comes to Open XDR is a little misleading. It indicates “open source” but it is not such. To the best of my knowledge, there is no universally agreed definition of what Open XDR really is. In the case of Stellar Cyber, it’s the name of one of their products.

All that said, when it comes to endpoint protection, possibly the most important aspect of your cyber defence strategy, it really is worth taking time to look into Open XDR and how it aggregates intelligence from multiple endpoint solutions to maximise your defensive capability.


Roopu Cloud and Tencent Cloud to Strengthen Global Partner and Developer Ecosystem

When it comes to the public cloud, the one thing that cloud providers love and hate is the “easy in easy out” narrative. On the one hand, the flexibility of the public cloud to scale up, down and even out is a big selling feature. On the other hand, the more realistic moving workloads between public clouds becomes, the harder it is to retain customers. It threatens the recurring revenue model!

That said, for users of the cloud, being educated in different clouds is part of your ability to derive the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy. Roopu are helping in two ways, providing cloud training but doing so on several China public clouds like Tencent, allowing you to widen your selection of multi-cloud providers.


The “Everything Charger” – Zendure Releases 65W Travel Adapter

New Normal is not fixed but it’s going to involve more home working combined with a return to more travel. From a home/mobile working perspective, many of us are using multiple devices for business and the amount of power and charging connectors weighing down my laptop bag has grown. As we get used to a “wherever I lay my device that’s my office” world, having neat gadgets such as an “everything charger” is something that IT departments should look into. This device from Zendure looks like a good investment for your mobile workers.


Druva Expands APAC Region With Industry’s First SaaS-Based MSP Program

The problem with using a SaaS provider, especially when it’s for something as critical as protecting your business data, is that their scale often means they cant give you the level of personalised service and support you may need. With this announcement from Druva, it seems you get the best of both. A genuine data protection SaaS play but delivered via local SIs. Worth checking out.


Mandiant Helps Organisations Measure Their Ability to Prevent Specific Ransomware Attacks

Cybercriminals don’t stand still, the threat changes and adapts. The reason is that hackers learn to bypass old and stale security defences. In effect, the solution you implement 6 months or a year ago, is likely to be less effective today than it was at the time it was installed.

That’s why having a solution that continually measures your “preparedness” for a ransomware attack makes a lot of sense. If that sounds valuable to you – check out this press release from Mandiant.