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Weekly Picks: The Time of Smart Buildings Is Upon Us
April 11, 2022 Blog


Written by: Andrew Martin, Group Publisher, AOPG.

Forescout Unveils Industry’s First Platform for Automated Cybersecurity Across the Digital Terrain

Wherever there is intelligence, there is a reason to breach. I am talking about devices. IoT used to be about “fairly dumb” sensors. But increasingly, we are moving intelligence to the edge and into devices. They store information and they perform functions. The more intelligence built in the more reason there is for the bad guys to hack them.

Example, If your CCTV is connected to the cloud, it can be hacked and you can be watched without even being aware.

How many devices link to your organisation? If you don’t have a security strategy for them, you need to. Check out How Forescout is protecting IoT, OT and IoMT:


Databricks Announces General Availability of Delta Live Tables

Sorry Databricks. I dislike any press release that has the word “paradigm” in the first paragraph. Databricks claim to be the Pioneers of the Data Lakehouse paradigm. It’s not a paradigm, it’s a technology. Lakehouse = combination of data lake and data warehouse. This means you can store, manage and analyse LOTS of data, both unstructured and structured, and yes, Databricks are a leading player in this space. The press release is about something called Data Live Tables, which automates and speeds up ETL (Extract, Transform and Load). The process of getting clean data into your database, data lake, data warehouse, data lakehouse etc.

For anyone involved in massive data, simplifying and speeding up ETL could be a big time-saver, so take a look at how Databricks Data Live Tables might help!


First-of-Its-Kind Property Technology Firm, Mandarin Fox, To Digitalise Building Maintenance With IoT Sensor-Based Technology

Ever worried about getting stuck in a lift on a weekend when no maintenance people are in the building to assist you? Maybe not. Possibly, I am more paranoid than most. Mandarin Fox provides IoT technology to monitor and manage large buildings, a big step to make buildings smart. For IT departments looking to remain relevant as the business of managing IT becomes increasingly automated, this is one of the areas they should start looking into. Making office buildings smart will make them safer and also drive efficiencies to workplaces that will benefit the team.

These technologies and solutions will start to work their way into all large buildings.