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Weekly Picks: We All Want an Easy Life So Why Aren’t We Embracing Robotic Process Automation?
February 28, 2022 Blog


Written by: Andrew Martin, Group Publisher, AOPG.

Veeam Report: 89% of Organisations Falling Short on Data Protection

Many people think they have backup nailed and generally speaking IT departments would rather spend money on “more exciting tech.” That’s probably why the findings from Veeam are not surprising. Essentially there is a big disconnect between how much data companies can afford to lose and what is actually being protected/backed up.

The problem, according to this study, is that backup is not keeping pace with explosive and unpredictable data growth.

The lesson seems to be if you invest in modernising your business system, set aside a budget to modernise your data protection at the same time.


Your Passwords Can Be Hacked

Nice write up from Microsoft Malaysia’s Dr Dzahar. I don’t think it’s a big surprise to learn passwords CAN be hacked but this article reveals how even fairly complex passwords are low hanging fruit for a cyber breach.

The scary thing is just how susceptible passwords are. An interesting aspect is how Microsoft is trying to standardise authentication that doesn’t rely on passwords alone.


Sennheiser Introduces TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms

If you are serious about your new normal including remote and hybrid working practices, you need to think about investing in improving the web meeting experience for your staff. Relying on “everyone connecting via laptop speakers” is inconvenient.

Shared speakers with enhanced sound quality and intelligence to identify each speaker, will up the experience and improve productivity.

This intelligent speaker would be worth reading about if you have meetings plagued by “Can you hear me ok?” or “Where is that loud background noise coming from?”


Microsoft & Adobe Patch Tuesday – Microsoft 70 Vulnerabilities with 0 Critical; Adobe 17 Vulnerabilities with 5 Critical

For all the buzz around zero-trust, zero-day attacks, and AI cyber defence – the harsh reality is that good old “out of date software” is still the easy target of choice for most cybercriminals.

This article is a good reminder that one of the most effective tools in your arsenal to stay cyber safe is to stay patched.

If you are not already automating your patch management, check out this announcement from Qualys to understand more about their solution.


Blue Prism Reports Plenty of Untapped Opportunities for RPA Adoption Across APAC

We all want an easy life, so why aren’t more ASEAN companies adopting Robotic Process Automation? It seems Australian companies are using RPA twice as much as Malaysian or Singaporean companies.

I have heard many people raise fears that RPA will replace people and take jobs, perhaps that is holding businesses back in south Asia?

If that’s your fear read this report from Blue Prism that shows that companies investing in technology are not laying off staff but are becoming much more productive.


Hitachi Vantara Simplifies Hybrid Cloud Storage

I tend to dislike press releases that announce something that isn’t ready yet, and this announcement is slightly guilty of that, with Hitachi’s support for public cloud described as “eventually” being supported. Given that the headline talks about hybrid cloud, I felt a little “short-changed.”

Notwithstanding this whinge on my part, for those of you that manage storage, the concept and direction are good, on-prem storage which eventually will have an “infinite” pool of multiple cloud options managed as one.