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What Can Network Automation Do for Your Business?
April 1, 2022 Blog


In the wake of rapid technological advancements, networks have become increasingly complex. Long downtimes may emerge from network device failures as a result of this increased complexity, affecting company operations monetarily and potentially overloading IT workers as they attempt to mitigate.

The truth is that, despite advances in underlying technologies, network management has remained basically unchanged for decades. Typically, networks are built, operated, and maintained manually. Network Operators (NetOps) log in to routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls, make manual changes, and then log out.

These traditional, manual approaches to network configuration and updates are simply too slow and error-prone to fulfil the needs of fast-changing application and developer requirements. Not only can manual procedures not keep up but they also pose a number of significant issues for network managers, such as costs.

According to Fortune Business Insights, around 95% of network-related tasks are performed manually, resulting in operating costs that are 2 to 3 times higher than the network’s cost.

Furthermore, because of these hands-on methods, it is difficult to:

  • Ensure that users receive high-quality service.
  • Provide application development and IT operations teams with on-demand resources.
  • Implement change control and configuration processes.

Simply put, traditional methods can’t keep up, and network automation can help you speed up operations.

Network automation will help with the improvement of your IT infrastructure to cope with this increased complexity. Essentially, your organisation will be able to reap its benefits such as:

  • Improve your team’s ability to respond quickly to changing demands.
  • Ensure that policies and regulations are always followed.
  • Identify and address vulnerabilities throughout your whole network.
  • Improve network availability with better testing and management.

Realising the benefits that it provides, the global network automation market is rising, from USD $4 billion in 2019 to (potentially) USD $22.58 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 24.2% over the forecast period.

If your organisation is seeking a network automation platform that can help you optimise operations, respond faster, and satisfy modern business expectations, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform gives you everything you need to automate your networks — and your organisation — at scale.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help you automate many aspects of your network, including:

  • Backup and restore network configurations: The Ansible Automation Platform makes it simple to pull a whole configuration from one or more network devices, or just sections of it.
  • Integrate your existing network tools and devices: Ansible Automation Platform works with your existing network devices and management tools, as well as other vendor-specific automation tools, to help you automate your current network.
  • Fact gathering: The Ansible Automation Platform makes it simple to gather data from network devices and generate reports for compliance and standardised, agnostic network management.

So, are you ready to automate your network? Take this intelligent assessment now to find out more about the benefits of Red Hat Ansible Automation and how it can give you a path to modern network operations.