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What is the Aim of AIM?
June 27, 2022 Blog


Automated Infrastructure Management, also known as AIM, deals with the real-time monitoring of your infrastructure without the need for human interference. It’s basically technology taking over but in a good way and not the hair-raising “eliminate all humans” kind of way.

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, your organisation is constantly adding newer and more complex hardware throughout your network. And it’s common knowledge that your network drives your business. But in order to drive your business, your network requires one key ingredient:


With an increase in hardware and the growth of the interdependent physical layer of your network, the task of monitoring and managing interactions within it becomes much more complicated. Solely relying on humans to monitor your entire infrastructure becomes impossible. There is also the little known pandemic that has adjusted the size of an organisation’s on-site team. This means a human-free solution is the best way to go.

That is where AIM comes in. With an automated solution, you are given access to the physical layer of your network and insights into the devices that are attached to it. This way, you can make the best business-critical decisions for your organisation.

CommScope’s imVision is an Automated Infrastructure Management solution that automatically detects connectivity at the port and device level and helps reduce the risk of a service outage during a move, add or change. With this solution, you are given the visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions with regard to directing your network’s functionality.

As a network-driven business, your organisation can benefit from three critical IT advantages as a result of utilising imVision. First of all, with its ability to track the utilisation of panels, cabling and switch ports, you are able to access real-time data on your physical-layer assets, in turn optimising capacity. This data helps you to plan and address problems surrounding capacity, making sure you get the most out of your already available infrastructure.

In terms of optimising availability, to reduce network downtime, imVision takes over time-intensive manual tasks such as generating electronic work orders and enabling guided administration of connectivity changes. Alongside that, root cause analysis can be carried out if your network ever fails to ensure it’s up and running in no time.  You also have no need to worry over documentation of changes as its visibility into end-to-end circuits addresses that.

Lastly, in a fast-paced business world, efficiency is key! Through real-time management of your network, imVision identifies and repurposes stranded switch ports to ensure none consumes power even in their idle state. To help optimise efficiency CommScope’s solution can even optimise server deployment and commissioning.

The world of automated infrastructure management is limitless and has the capability to boost your business through visibility and optimisation.

Have I gotten you intrigued about AIM and its possibilities?

To find out more about Commscope’s imVision, and its key features that can help your network-driven business, click this link to download this informative document.